Spicedragon's Shop Announcement

Never settle for less.... always-collect One of a kind originals you'll be glad you did.

I believe in making one of a kind art design jewelry using all natural stones. I work from myth folklore and historic events to make jewelry with spark connections to our collective subconscious dreams as a people. All of the art pieces have a multitude of symbolism in their construction. It is my Thought the The Universe is but Billions of OF billions of Seemingly random Chances That manifest in the Dust of the stars.. transformed for a moment in Time... as us , Then continuing Forever rearranging themselves into the next Destined shapes That they are to Come . Though Our spirit may be eternal Our Body is but footprint in the sand to be washed away with the tide only to be Born again with out next step on the new day .

These are one of a kind designs like no other ..For it is my Will they Be Treasured Heirlooms for many generations to come .I have Many hours in the thoughts and Crafting of my work , They are Born as an Idea , a dream , They take form with the Cutting of the stones to the Forging and Casting of metal , Shaping And Bending of the Idea and the metal within my Thoughts as well as with my hands , soldering,placing the stones and Cleaning And Polishing That complete the transformation or manifestation of an Idea . These Items are as much a part of me as they will become a part of you .For as artist we put a part of ourselves into everything we create , like a shadow cast on a wall, a hand print in the sand. a momentary spiritual expression of us caught like a photo in Time. It is our hope that those that collect the Pieces of our imagination should cast or Want to cast the Same shadow on the wall . If you only acquire one Item this year make it something you feel without seeing . Something that was yours Long before you held it ....

Many of the stamping tools I use are made for the Item being constructed, and then ground down and reshaped for the next Item being made. A reproduction of similar items is possible, but Mutable Items of exact same design should be ordered at the same time to assure similarity.

Special commissions available Check out my EBSQ sight or email at Spicedragon [!at] aol.com

All workmanship is guaranteed for life. And most customer damage repairs are free or nearly so, as I prefer to repair them myself due to the special construction of many of the Items, except for the cost of return shipping. All routine cleaning it is free; the cost of return postage is all that is required.

So Be Happy and Think Good Thoughts ,Lee