spiderscloset's Shop Announcement

Greetings My name is Leah Barrows I am a mixed media artist.

The works I have created are mixed-media. My influences are the psychedelic coloration of the 1970’s and the alchemy of the 17th century.

Many contain the three divine metals: copper, silver and gold.
I use lead-free recycled metals and recycled glass and the Czech beads are of the highest quality on the market.

In alchemy and in many cultures pearls are referred to as
“The Living Stone” and I use them to animate the pictures.
I personally hand-dye and tie-dye many of the pearls.

Combining the alchemy of gemstones and pearls with gold copper and silver I seek to venerate the images of woman and men. Sensuality is redefined in a playful and sacred way.

Alchemy is a way of life. One should incorporate the beauty the earth offers us and have it as an integrated part of the home.

Pearls bring harmony to the home and the use of metals adds an life force to the painting. I like to approach digital art as an extension of the artist pallet. Often I paint directly on a finished giclee, when one does this the paint often dries upon execution allowing for no marginality of error, I love the exactness this requires.

I use 23kt,24kt ,and 18kt gold and mix many of my own paints using the iridescent of titanium powder to reflect various tonalities of colour.

Gemstones and metals can lift the vibration of a room, creating a more prosperous and positive environment.

The application of gemstones and gold on a painting increases the value of the painting in the market.

These paintings will make your living space an elegant and happy environment.