Leather Accessories & Dreamcatchers

Leather Accessories & Dreamcatchers

As a Leather Artisan and Art Educator, Nadine Schmoll loves making with her own two hands. Her art making journey spans jewellery design, papermaking, mosaics, upcycled sculpture and more recently, leather craft, a passion she discovered while running the environmental art workshop program at Reverse Garbage Queensland.

On the search for a new material that would satisfy her desire to create products that were both beautiful as well as practical, the leather offcuts from shoe and upholstery manufacturers piqued her curiosity.

Each leather hide contains slight variations and imperfections, which translates itself into leather products that are unique and one-of-a-kind. From prehistoric times people have used animal skins to provide for their most basic needs, by making clothing, shelter and decorative items. For Nadine, creating with leather is a form of anthropology, a way of revisiting and paying homage to the past through a reincarnation of traditional techniques. Leather is also a recycled by-product from the food industry, which would otherwise end up as waste.

Nadine's label Spiritfire was born following a four month sojourn through South America. Whilst visiting with an indigenous tribe in Ecuador, Nadine learnt how to make string and beads from rainforest plants. Fascinated by their ability to live harmoniously with the environment and use the natural materials at their disposal, Nadine embraces this philosophy within her art practice.

As an Art Educator Nadine has run hundreds of workshops for schools, shopping centres, libraries, childcare centres and festivals such as Moreton Bay Region Libraries, the Ipswich Festival Parade and Woodford Folk Festival. She is a strong believer in enabling others to harness their creativity and in sharing the magic of creative re-use.
Nadine Schmoll
owner, maker, designer, Photographer
I am an Australian designer and Art Educator who specialises in handcrafting leather accessories and dreamcatchers made with sustainably sourced materials. I love bright colours, nature and making things with my hands.
Franciska Schmoll
Model & Muse

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