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My name is Tammy ( Many Animals) Im of Native American Heritage and my goal is to keep the beautiful art of bead making alive , Im passionate about educating the way of the native, telling truthful stories of how they really lived and how wonderful they are now. Im equally proud of being native my self.
I have been making beaded jewelry since I have been about 7 yrs. old. I have had 10 yrs. of professional art classes and have won 2 scholarships for art when I was 16 yrs. old. Yes I can draw and paint but I prefer to make one of a kind native and modern jewelry. I belong to 2 major Rock and Gemstone Clubs and even a Gold panning club. I guess you can say I like collecting gemstones which I use in my beadwork. I find most of my gemstones on digs , i live right now in gemstone central the state of north carolina. My interests are broad , including horses , dogs , cats , showing these animals ( in my younger years), art , music , fishing just to name a few hobbies when I get time anymore, which influences some of my jewelry art at time. I teach creative beading in a local collage and at a local hobby store. Im originally from the west coast of florida on the gulf of mexico born and raised. I reside now with my husband and fur children since my daughter is all grown up and married. All my items are 100% hand made by me , unless otherwise stated in my studio . Using the finest materials and stone working techniques as possible. I do not hunt or kill any animal to make my items . I am a animal lover. I was named many animals from a Shoshone friend of the family because I use to be a vet tech. and work with all animals and He named me this because I have the spirit of many. I was able to tame the most wild. Thanks for checking out my page please ask anything I encourage conversation for a smooth sale ,

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