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When I was 12 I was told by someone “you will become a healer when you get older.” I laughed and brushed it off.

Over the years I have been very intuitive. Then I was 16 I started to really explore my abilities and then got spooked and stopped.

I started reading about “The New World” order and reptilians but again brushed it off. I read most of David Icke’s books but brushed off as “nonsense.” I really got into Aliens and astrology and astronomy. I learned how to read birth charts with help of research and read many books on intuition.

Once I turned 18 and went off to college I forgot about all this and didn’t pay attention to anything. However I was always told “You were right”, “How did you know that?” But I thought it was all coincidence or just a “Good Guess.”

I was always obsessed with things like Egypt, Roman Empire, Knights Templar, Atlantis.

In 2014 I got connected to my temple. I was born a Hindu but never religious and only went because my parents forced me too. By then I was convinced that everything was a coincidence and that GOD was just aliens who came down. People saw them coming from the sky and assumed it was “God.”

The temple was different. It was all about meditation. There were three “rules” to follow. 1. God is ONE, We are all One, 2. Be a good person 3. Help others. This really resonated with me. I felt calm and relaxed and those “coincidences” were now REAL. In fact I got heavily involved and now I am a lead volunteer.

On Oct 5th 2019, I woke up at 2am with an ear-ache. I took some pain meds and went back to sleep. Then I woke up. I had no hearing constant ringing in my right ear. I went to the ENT and was told I have lost 95% hearing and was suffering from Tinnitus. I went from MRI, to CT SCAN to Steroid shots in the eardrum and nothing worked. At this time I was having a very hard time with my wife. It was constant fighting and I was just about to hire a lawyer. Work was very stressful and I wasn’t enjoying my job. To make matters worse I had invested in a business and the FTC closed it down and I was out $100,000.

Doctors told me to “Live with it. This is the new norm of hearing.” Yet they never gave me a reason. I found a specialist in NYC and after more tests I was told “Live with it.” It “SEEMS LIKE” your ear cochlea is damaged and you can get implants. I wasn’t getting any implants. I did get some temporary hearing aids but they didn’t help much.

I started investigating natural cures. I tried 2 homeopathic doctors, gave up drinking and meat, switched to an Aryuvedic diet, meditation, and attended Sadhguru meditation workshop for 3 days. Nothing worked.

By now my ear was hurting, I was having vertigo and massive fatigue. I was in bed for about 3 weeks and thought I would lose my job. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I couldn’t attend the temple and the doctors suggested antidepressants. But something told me it was more than ear damage.

Then came the lockdown. The county was abruptly shut down. It just didn’t make sense to me. We went through 2 world wars, multiple pandemics, 9-11 and we shut the country down. It was the most bizarre thing. None of the numbers added up and I knew this was a scam.

Since I was stuck at home I started to research. I mean research like watching videos and reading until 2-3am and then back at it again after sleeping. I found the great awakening, David Icke and the names keep going on.

I then came upon the term “Ascension” and really understood what that meant. I studied the symptoms and I thought “hmm…I am on to something.”

I then came across Energetic Synthesis, Eldora Rose, Dolores Cannon, Aaron Doughty. Dolores Cannon was the one who impacted me the most. I learned about healing, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Chakras. I started meditating.

I started learning about aliens and how people can connect with them. Again I blew it off as “crazy.” Then I watched the CE5 movie. And I came full circle a few months later totally understanding this and relating to it.

I read the book “Soul Speak My Julia Canon” and in there it told me that the body takes away hearing when you don’t listen to what you are being told. I also have diabetes and pancreatitis which I learned is because “I don’t feel loved.”

I did a few sessions online with a hypnotist whom I knew and it really started “Waking me up.” I then went for a QHHT session with someone local. WOW was that an awakening.

There was no looking back. I was given a message to help others ascend and this is now my main mission.

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    After having my spiritual awakening I am on a mission to help others like me with their spiritual ascension.

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