spoonsmith's Shop Announcement

Our store has two branches: We have a selection of antique and vintage sterling silver spoon rings as well as a selection of vintage and antique jewelry. Please use the navigation bar on the right to view each section.

Our rings:
All of our rings are sterling silver and the majority of them are made from antique patterns with deep, knockout relief work. I can't get over the impressive artwork on the flatware patterns of the late 1800s and the very early 1900s. They are true works of art. We are now so used to using things in our every-day lives with plain, simple lines that it is refreshing to be reminded that items as simple as spoons and forks can be exquisite all by themselves. These pieces serve to remind us of the lost beauty of the Victorian and Art Nouveau time periods.

Our jewelry:
You’ll notice from the site that our jewelry selection on Etsy is just getting off the ground. We’ve been in the jewelry business for years, with an antiques shop on Charles street in Boston and two large eBay stores, we have seen many gorgeous pieces. I will try to add a variety of pieces over time.

Please always feel free to contact use with any questions or concerns that you may have. Our email address is grandmasattic [!at] and our office number is 978-203-6004.