squirrelnuts' Shop Announcement

Squirrelnuts has jewelry supplies & metal crafting tips to share. Do you want a hole drilled in a specific spot, or wonder how to finish a brass charm?

♥ Squirrelnuts on Etsy is where I sell my handmade jewelry & supplies from my personal collection. You can easily make your own jewelry & craft projects using these beautiful stampings and charms. The differences between the stampings and castings are explained below.

My STAMPINGS are made by striking a flat sheet of raw brass between two shaped pieces of steel called a die. The positive and negative shapes of the die create a 2 dimensional, flat backed or shell backed piece. Since dies rarely wear out, most of the dies used to make the stampings for Squirrelnuts are antique and many of my stampings are vintage strikes. The raw brass, vintage strikes offered have darkened with age and can be brightened with polishing. Newer strikes from original, antique dies can be ordered in multiple sets. If an item in the shop looks like gold, but costs a lot less, it is most likely just new or polished brass!

My CASTINGS we make are quite different from my stampings. The method of casting I use is called centrifugal casting. A piece is formed by pouring melted pewter into a two part, vulcanized rubber mold and then spinning the mold in a centrifugal casting machine. The centrifical force of the spinning machine pushes the hot metal out into every corner of the rubber mold. Since the rubber of the mold is soft, and the shape of the mold can be deep, you can make larger, 2D or 3D pieces with it! There is even a tiny allowance for undercuts, which means the items can be a little more dynamic in form. Unlike an antique die, a rubber mold has to be replaced periodically, because the heat eventually burns it out. I keep a set of master models in a safe place so that each subsequent mold made from them is of the same quality as the first.

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