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1 month

My customer favorite Celtic Adoption pendant...now even for Pet adoptions!

3 months

Custom creation for a very good friend. A Hawaiian Turtle Pendulum and matching Plumeria Ametrine earrings.

5 months

4 Petite Rings Necklace - Sterling Silver and Rose Gold Filled Rings.

7 months

Ready to mail out to their new homes...custom pieces for 4 lucky folks! 4 Petite Hearts, 3 Rings, 5 Organic Rings, and Large Plumeria Hawaii Flower.

8 months

Sending my Loving Heart necklace w/ custom birthstones out to my dad customer for his wife to celebrate their "rainbow" baby with birthstones to symbolize all three children.

8 months

My 2 Ring Organic necklace and my 4 Ring necklace...ready to ship to my customer for her and her mom.

9 months

These darling Petite 5 Linked Hearts necklaces are going to their new home. A wedding gift for all 3 of her daughters...his and hers. A Brady Bunch kinda family. Love heart

9 months

My Customer - Adoptive mom purchased 3 of my Celtic Adoption Birthstone necklaces for herself and 2 adopted daughters for their upcoming Adoption Day. I created their pendants. Today, getting it ready to mail out. So so Precious!

10 months

Mailing out my Sunshine Jewelry Cloths. The Best jewelry cleaning cloths out there.

1 year

My Energy Chakra Bracelet to keep your energy vibrating high and happy. I energize each bracelet with positive high healing energy to help you on all levels: body, mind, & spirit.

2 years

Aloha from Hawaii! The fragrant and lovely Plumeria flower is used to make Hawaiian leis and worn by females behind their ears. Wear a Plumeria flower necklace and feel the Aloha of Hawaii.