starwarsdan's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Kitsch N Kaboodle's Toy Shoppe!
maintained by StarWarsDan....

To better help my customers, I've created a new shop specifically dedicated to showcasing my vintage toy collection of over 20 years. I have moved all other departments, containing ephemera, vintage kitchenalia, furniture restorations, interiors, to separate shops.

I hope that by doing so I can more easily concentrate on the best items by category and give buyers the easiest possible way to shop for their particular field of interest.

Kitsch-n-Kaboodle is a family of specialty antiques and ephemera shops maintained by StarwarsDan. After about 20 years of being closed up tight, we have opened the private family collection located in Stewartsville NJ, open on weekend afternoons and by appointment. My parents are major packrat hoarders, and as my mother retires we are purging nearly 10 thousand square feet of our private stock from both my own apartment as well as my parent's home, and items going all the way back to my grandparent's estate.
It is THE must-see sale of the area and not to be missed!

And I am StarWarsDan, so dubbed a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... well actually it was more like 15 years ago in a comic book shop in South Philly... but anyhow, you get the idea...

I BUY TOYS ....somtimes, if it's neat-O!
After a 10-12 year break from toy collecting, I am getting back into it and would like to help others.
QUALITY CONSIGNMENTS WANTED... I specialize in estate collections of vintage toys. I leave no stone unturned, and I do not cherry-pick your childhood things. If you have good condition, interesting toys or related ephemera I could sell for you, within a 3-hour drive from New Jersey (or easily ship-able), drop me a line!

Other shops from Kitsch-n-Kaboodle include

TheUrbanChicShowroom: quality artistic restorations and up-cycled furniture creations from vintage salvage, vintage-inspired and reinvented interiors. Reduce! Re-use! Up-cycle!
(This is the main artisan shop which is my main business- I am an antique furniture conservator)

Objectification: unusual objects of intrinsic quality. Looking beyond utility and traditional ideas of what is collectible or decorative, in the belief that the art of the object is its own utility.

COMING SOON: KanisterKing, the shop for all things Kitchen, Restaurant, and fabulously hospitable.

Think of it like the different departments of Kitsch N Kaboodle....

3rd floor, StarwarsDan's Toy Shoppe, where it's not just Star Wars... it's the Force of the child in all of us.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.