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Welcome to Starlite (starwedd) offering a great selection of top, best, unique invitation designs, DIY printable invitations for any special occasion ~ bridal shower invitations, baby shower invitations, birth announcements, birthday invitations, anniversary invitations, wedding invitations, etc! ★★IMPORTANT NOTICE★★CURRENT TURNAROUND for all invitation design orders require up to 4 DAYS for proof!! WHEN CAN YOU EXPECT YOUR 1ST PROOF? •Orders placed by 5:00 pm Eastern Time *USA time/date* can expect to receive a proof via email within 4 DAYS or Less......I do NOT provide free proofs of any kind. Design and Proof Service ONLY available with PAID orders. Thank you.


Orders SUBMITTED MONDAY-FRIDAY between (8:30AM - 5:00PM) Eastern Time USA
*Sundays* I am generally NOT available
Orders submitted AFTER 5:00PM Eastern Time will NOT begin to count until the NEXT Business Day

MONDAY.............can expect 1st Proof.....on or before FRIDAY
TUESDAY............can expect 1st Proof.....on or before SATURDAY
WEDNESDAY.....can expect 1st Proof.....between Sunday and MONDAY
THURSDAY........ can expect 1st Proof.....on or before MONDAY
FRIDAY.................can expect 1st Proof.....on or before TUESDAY
SATURDAY..........can expect 1st Proof.....on or before WEDNESDAY
SUNDAY.............. can expect 1st Proof.....on or before THURSDAY

***All of my designs INCLUDE a Professional Bleed Margin - NO EXCEPTIONS***
Any designer providing designs without a built-in bleed margin is NOT a professional graphic designer - a bleed margin ensures your invitations/cards will print out properly.

--->I will NOT allow Order Cancellations because you did not take the time to read this or my policies and I have this posted all over my Etsy shop on the banner display, this announcement box, my shop avatar, and on my policies page. If you have procrastinated and your event date is too close to allow for proper processing of your order, any order that cannot be completed as a result will be canceled but be SUBJECT TO A CANCELLATION CHARGE OF $8.00 - NO EXCEPTIONS<--- Cancelling an order is a major inconvenience. Also per Etsy's Terms of Use - Section 4 - All Sales are Binding

Why an inconvenience? Because I am still obligated to enter the sale into my accounting system, the sale is also reported (even if canceled) to the government for income tax purposes, I must also enter a credit transaction in my accounting system, go through the order cancellation process on Etsy to recover the fees assessed to my account for the order, and also go through a Refund process with PayPal. This is not fair to me - it takes too many actions on my part which take away from my actual paid work - thus the order cancellation fee of $8.00 applies for the inconvenience caused.

See POLICIES for complete information - ALL SALES FINAL
Shop Policies and FAQs:

MONDAY-FRIDAY (8:30AM - 5:00PM) Eastern Time USA
**Any email or convo sent after hours will be answered as soon as possible during normal business hours** Thank you!