steambaby's Shop Announcement

There are very few people in my niche. All but me are making very gadgety goggles with outboard attachments that are full of bolt-heads and prickly with sharp edges. It's funny to think that my aesthetic is more reserved than these other hand-builders but that is the case.

The Steambaby look doesn't have a lot of bolts or extra brackets, accessory holes or vents or outboard spider legs. It's a real set of goggles made from real leather and brass. Feel the distressed leather polished by the touch of your fingers. Smell the real leather smell. Look at the well-made parts that are precisely fitted (with no glue or hundreds of bloody Phillips screws); just threaded in the right places and elegantly riveted. Know that the maker used a drive punch and a mallet to make the holes in the head strap one by one.

Plastic goggles are Kia and Chevy. Steambaby goggles are Jaguar and Ferrari. That's how I sell them. Many steampunk folk own them and believe!

The patina on a set of Steambaby goggles is a joy because the leather gets better and better. The brass can be patinatd or polished at whim...but I love seeing an older and well-loved set gracing someone's top hat. The brass goes to ruddy gold and the leather gets that same look and feel that an old bomber jacket gets. It's amazing.

Anyway, that's why I made them...cos I couldn't find that anywhere else.

Hello! My name is Mac McGowan, proprietor of SteamBaby and maker of steampunk goggles, props and accessories. My specialty is making steampunk goggles and monocles / monoculars from real leather and brass. You may have seen my work in film and television. I also make goggles and accessories for the band Abney Park. I am always open to custom work and enjoy a challenge. Welcome! Enjoy!

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