stiickaround's Shop Announcement

John's handmade bowls and Camille's vintage finds are unique gifts for yourself, or gifts for someone you care about. And here's hoping it gives you the pleasure of not being able to wait! And just having to gift it early!!! Sometimes it's hard to wait when you have that perfect gift!!!

John's rustic, handmade, OOAK bowls are unique! Hand carved and lathe turned rustic bowls, cutting boards, gnarly burls! And Camille's vintage/antique gifts in glassle, shabby chic, Lanier Meaders, luggage, purses, 50's leather opera gloves, jewelry, Seth Thomas Mantle Clock, are...well, OOAK's and unique too!!

Antique and vintage collectors, anyone appreciative of the natural beauty of wood, those interested in original art and handcrafted jewelry are appreciated very much by us. You are responsible for our humble beginnings and future growth on etsy!

We are inspired to learn and achieve more in our craft and in our talent, both tapped and untapped. John and I hope to fulfill our dreams and desires to create and repurpose something for your enjoyment.

Thank you for your support,

John and Camille Inman
stiickaround :)