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The best thing about being a 'long-time' gemstone collector is that I always have just the right stone for a new and exciting piece. I am a seasoned veteran of 'the gemstone hunt' and if you ask me if I can craft you something of a specific stone - it's more than likely the answer is 'yes'!!!

This season I am bringing you some amazing new pieces that range from 'back to the ancient past' with my extensive collection of rare ancient gemstone beads ..... glitz and glam - to holiday tropical.
I've been indulging my burning desire to hunt for the rarest and most beautiful gemstone beads, and I'm proudly showing off the fruits of my search of the world's finest specimens and showcasing them in wearable treasures for you!

Here you will find an array of pieces suitable for the extravagant jewelry-lover, the whimsical and flamboyant, demure and modest, and the 'prom-aged' young woman.

Please enjoy browsing Stonecraft's Collection reminiscent of voluptuous ripened fruits on the vine bursting with the juiciest gemstones in soft fruity pastel clusters.



The Shipping price listed is for upgraded shipping with tracking within Canada and the USA. Destinations that are outside these shipping parameters may be asked for their choices in shipping sevices and amounts.

I always 'comp' extra shipping dollars to all my customers !!!

** Deposits are non-refundable, and custom pieces are non-returnable **


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