stonesoupgems08's Shop Announcement

I want to join with you in creating beautiful jewelry made from hand-cut designer cabochons.

Stone cutting is magical, watching a gemstone evolve into its final form beneath one's fingertips. Each piece of rough rock has a heart to be released. It is sheer joy to reveal this in every gemstone I cut!

I cut from a variety of rare and familiar materials, always with precision and attention to details. Some of these cabochons are cut from extinct materials. All will grow more precious in time.

Doesn't it just make sense to seek out the very best in order to create the very best?

All my gemstones are cut from natural stone. Nothing is dyed or treated in any way.

Mary Beth from Texas says " How do I love these....let me count the ways!!! These are absolutely gorgeous, I am so pleased with each and every one. They look exactly like the pictures (beautiful) but to actually hold them and feel their smoothness and to gaze into the depths of the stones, well, that can't be done with a picture. The cuts, beveling and polishing are outstanding. The way you have chosen to cut each one to highlight its beauty is amazing. I wish I could tell you which one I love most but they are each so pretty and different that it is hard to pick a favorite!"


Lately I confess to having succumbed to an earring addiction. At first, it was making earrings because I couldn't find what I wanted. Then it was, I'll just wear everything I make. You know how it is. Now, I have so many earrings, I could wear a different pair every day for the next several months and I am making new ones every day. Something must be done!

"Sell them on Etsy, that's the ticket." I thought.



Hand Beaded Necklaces in Semi-precious Stones.

Offered here are one of a kind necklaces composed of fine semi-precious stone, gold filled, and vermeil in opulent compositions.


Please check out my eBay store, Stone Soup Gems for additional items.

I am also open to reasonable offers. Just contact me!
Thanks for looking. - Susan