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Strange Notions - Vintage Rescue, Art and Inspiration

...Welcome to my Strange Notions. I adore junk and I am an admitted hunter and gatherer. My favorite styles are vintage altered art, the "Somerset" look and steampunk style. I love to make things and I love (maybe even more!) hunting down the bits and pieces that are waiting to be rescued and given new purpose. I gather much faster than I make so I am delighted to offer up a share of my treasures to the like-minded folks who embrace the vision and see something where others see nothing.
If you would like to follow along on my adventures there is a link to my blog on the right. If you would like to see my creative space you can use this link to jump directly to my most recent "Where Bloggers Create" post:
I is my heart's desire that my shop inspires your next great thing! I hope you and your muse will enjoy your visit here.

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