Strangestudios' Shop Announcement

So. What's a Poppet??
Lisa Snellings' Poppet is a window through which to view the world around us and especially, the aspects of what it is to be a human being.
Poppet is both childlike and wise. It's the "universal child" in each of us that never loses its sense of wonder.
Poppets watch and imitate us. Their a bit like tiny theater players, acting out the silliness of humans. They tell stories, both wildly fantastical and deeply human.
They've inspired authors like Neil Gaiman, Gene Wolfe, Peter Beagle and Larry Niven and graced the covers of books and magazines.
Lisa says "Possibly when I've recorded the nine billion names of Poppet, they will wink out and be no more. Or they may evolve into something else."
In the meantime, they exist as collectible figurines, original art and prints and as parts of larger, complex original works.
As Poppets continue to explore our world, maybe we'll learn a bit more about theirs.

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