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Strawberry Couture is about having fun with a crochet hook and knitting needles. Crochet and knit a unique women's hat, hood scarf, beanie hat, or an easy crochet and knit infinity cowl scarf pattern out of yarn. Free email assistance is in every pattern. A knit and crochet cowl scarf, ruffle beanie hat, slouchy hat, beret hat, cloche hat, flower hat, fedora hat, newsboy, turban, hood and wide brim hat is all what it takes to make and wear them. Each is made out of acrylic yarn, cotton yarn, or hemp cord.

I love to experiment different shapes for unique and whimsical shaped crochet and knit hats and infinity cowl scarves as well as write patterns for them. Once you understand how to make the hat and scarf patterns, they become easy to make. Unique style and comfort go hand-in-hand. Come experiment with me to make new designs and shapes with happy bright colors. Made to order hats are available too. Do you have an idea for a hat? Contact me and lets make one together!

If you know what an infinity scarf is, then take it up one notch and join the twists together to make a hat. Some twists rest in the brim, others in the crown. I like to stand out and be different otherwise I'm just a dime-a-dozen.

The majority of my work is based on the mobius strip. For example, If you take a strip of paper, put a half twist in it and attach the two ends, then draw a line starting on one side of the paper, when it connects back at the beginning, you will have a line on each side of the paper without ever leaving the first side. It's impossible, yet you just did it. Try it, you'll see. It really messes with your mind.

The Mobius strip - the common sense-defying continuous loop with only one side and one edge, made famous by the illustrations of M. C. Escher-leads us to some of the strangest spots imaginable. It takes us to a place where the purely intellectual enters our daily world such as our everyday tasks.

Orders ship 3-5 weeks after checkout. Few of my listings are the LAUREN aubergine cotton cloche hat and SNAKE crochet scarf pattern.

Please feel free to browse 2 ways: The *first way* is to click on the list of different types of hats available for me to ready to make just for you. The top of the clickable sections are Hat or Scarf Patterns that immediately download once payment has cleared. You will receive an email from Etsy. It will contain a link that you must click to download your pattern. If you need to contact me please do it through Etsy Conversations.

The *second way* is to browse each page individually and click on an individual listing. Read each description. After checkout, I buy the yarn and make the creation just for you.

My featured listings are listed in the top of my page above the rest of the listings. They are either just listed or more popular.

Read my customer reviews and see for yourself customer satisfaction:

Prepare for a new way to crochet. Learn how to crochet in a new way you've never crocheted before.


If you haven't ordered from me before, expect - good workmanship - color and size choices - bold and colorful photos - immediate pattern download - good communication - fast response - customer satisfaction - prompt delivery - to leave feedback if you are happy with your purchase or if something is wrong with it
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