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Bohemian art jewelry and affordable gifts

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Ducky Rubin

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Ducky Rubin


Artistic Voyages*

I live and work in central Israel, and can track back my first artistic thoughts to kindergarten, at 5 years old.
One was when my friend, Orit, sketched a figure and drew too many contour lines for the hands. When painting inside she realized making a mistake and fixed it, but I was disappointed. I really liked those extra lines, and thought they were wonderful and imaginative.
Another was being fed up with threading plastic beads, and looking for other options. The teacher's assistant took some olive kernels and showed me how to grind their tips on a stone to make holes. I coated the kernels with gouache paint and created my first original necklace.

I come from a family of craftsmen, designers and artists, so becoming a creative artist seemed natural for me. I was daily exposed to both artistic processes and meticulous handcrafted finishes. However, support for my young talent came from other places, mainly my art teachers at school. When I expressed my wish to learn art in high school, my father replied that it's better to learn a trade, and sent me to learn bookkeeping.
Me, bookkeeping???
Soon he realized his mistake, and became a source of support. Art became an anchor, a built-in part of my life – whether it is painting, crafting or jewelry making. It's a burning fire
that never extinguishes.

As a child, I was a mousy little creature, living in a dreamy bubble, gazing out to the world. Everything became a source of inspiration: visions and sounds, scents and colors, textures and shapes. In a way, this child is still here :)
Art has chosen me, and became my way of life. Artistic expressions accompanied every period: jewelry making, crafting, drawing and painting. The main sources for creation are the images and visions that flash in front of my eyes for a fraction of a second, especially when waking from sleep, but most are not absorbed in my memory and I fail to record them all. If only I had a "dream camera" to document them…
The same curiosity that characterized the little girl I used to be is still with me today, and it is tasting the world, touching, feeling, smelling, and listening to its sounds. But most of the work is done by my eyes. Many of the elements in my work come from ceaseless observation – usually unconsciously – of the world around me: from planets and landscapes to people, leaves, crystals or sand grains. These elements find their way to the material as subjects or textures. To a great extent I am a "serial" creator, and use these themes again and again, while applying different translations, interpretations or techniques.
I work while listening to music and singing along, or while talking to other people. This enables me to divert my attention from the work itself and allows a subconscious flow unhindered by logic thought. This flow dictates my work, and in fact – my body is just a tool art uses to materialize.

As a young adult I was concerned that art alone cannot provide, so I began learning Architecture. After a while I felt out of place, and longed to work directly with materials, getting my hands dirty. One of my teachers, a sculptor, faced me with an obvious question: what would I like to do when I grow up? Somehow I knew. I always knew. I quit school and began to design jewelry out of leftover modeling cardboard.
StudioD came to life.
More than 30 years later I'm here, sharing a piece of my creative world with you.
During this time I experienced with many materials and techniques, became a silversmith and learned wax modeling.
In the past few years, I'm struggling with ME's (myalgic encephalomyelitis) pain and fatigue. In order to appease my creative genie and continue working, I have begun working with clay, fibers, Metal Clay, artistic wire and digital media – all proved as fantastic materials. Luckily, they broadened my creative options.

Yet, StudioDbronze is all about you.
Combining my love for painting and jewelry making gives me an opportunity to create for you – whether it's polka dot earrings, a monogrammed bracelet, a zodiac sign necklace, tassel and teardrop jewelry or a chic picture ring - anything.
I'm keeping my jewelry simple and minimalistic, in order to offer you a wide variety of affordable gifts.

Custom designs are no trouble at all. Vice versa – I love the challenge! It also allows for a direct and personal contact with you, a dialog – which is a bonus for me :)
After all, I'm designing for you…

Thank you for visiting and accompanying me in this voyage.

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Ducky :)

(*) Artistic Voyages is the title of my blog

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