StygianChains' Shop Announcement

Stygian Chains, the place for handmade chainmaille. I make jewelry, clothing, costuming, and odd little things like pouches and footbags or juggling balls.

"Welcome. Please, please, do come in. Feel free to have a look 'round Don't be shy now."

"See something you like? Or maybe something you might like if it were a little different? You're welcome to tell me. Or if you're looking for something special, something made just for you. I can do it all from a strong steel hauberk to a fair silver bracelet."

I'm happy to take custom orders if your heart's set on something a little different. Just the same, I'll make fitting adjustments to any necklace, bracelet, anklet in the store, all you have to do is ask me to add or remove an inch or two. If it still doesn't fit, mail it back and I'll adjust it again at no charge.

--Updates, new projects, and a little about my craft and methods--

Everything in my shop is hand made from the ground up, ring by ring. I do not use lengths of stock chain. Every ring is opened, woven into place, and closed by hand. Rings in most metals will be wound and cut by hand as well.

From my dear customers.
"Beautiful, beautiful earrings, gorgeous on, and quick delivery!" NJPhotographer

"This is just the most gorgeous piece of chain maille jewellery I've ever seen! Expert craftsmanship, overjoyed! Thank you :)" TwoCheesePlease
Learn more about my art, and the little bit of madness that inspires and fuels it here.

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