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Announcement   If you're local to San Francisco or the Bay Area, and can pick up on your own, please feel free to get in touch for the check out code. Thanks!


Last updated on Dec 12, 2017

If you're local to San Francisco or the Bay Area, and can pick up on your own, please feel free to get in touch for the check out code. Thanks!


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SUBJECT-OBJECT is a design lab working between this, that, and the other.


This is SUBJECT-OBJECT OBJECTS. It's October 10, 2017. Happy birthday to us. We've been a company for two years, and as of today, have an online retail presence. It was time — about twenty years time, really. So here we am.

As the company name suggests, subjects and objects are our fuel and fire: wherever curiosities lead, whatever moods dictate. We're modernists (not necessarily minimalists — people always assume). That means design to what technology and production is available and affordable, and craft accordingly using digital and manual tools. It means letting things speak for themselves, or letting a process or way of making find its way to as natural a conclusion as possible. Somewhere between art and design, our stuff is meant to feel accessible and familiar but also special, so we look for those twists and tweaks that might make you think, "Hmmm..." But SUBJECT-OBJECT isn't about arguing or taking sides explicitly. It's about interpretation. It's about looking, re-looking, turning it over, re-thinking, and presenting a point of view. If you're challenged, great. If you like it, even better.

But supporting local and ethical resources and how that impacts our footprint is core, so wherever humanly possible, we make and source products leading with our conscience. To that end, most of the work we've been involved in has been with cultural and academic institutions, as well as more "lifestyle" organizations and companies. We've worked with kids, poets, health departments, non-profits, friends and mothers. We volunteer — a lot. A lot, a lot, a lot. We still do.

This launch is... a new way of engaging with, well... you. Putting our art to good use. There are things we see — that we love, that we want to look into, discuss. We like working in sets and subsets. We like playing with diagrams. We like fashion. We remembered very clearly this year, that twenty years ago, Liz Tilberis and Fabian Baron took over HARPER'S BAZAAR magazine, tilted up that letter "A," and we were done looking for something to do. We love magazines: for the candy, the words, the worlds they make. As we listen to Wings's GREATEST HITS writing this, we're reminded what a joy this all can be, and how music is the secret sauce to knowing the universe. And airplanes have always been our inspiration: for how they work, for where they take us, for being one of the most glamourously weird achievements in human imagination. So it's time to fly.

Good to know:
1. A woman's lean changes how her coat shapes, and that's very moving.
2. Racing stripes make you want to wiggle and fiddle.
3. A man with a really good haircut is almost unbelievable.
4. Dinner should always be three hours, minimum.
5. Music in the bathroom, always.
6. We only ship once a week. Your patience is appreciated.
7. Plants, everywhere.
8. Play "Radio Ga-Ga" by Queen. It's the S-O official anthem.
9. We try to use compostable packaging over archival.
10. Yes, all inquiries about wholesales and commissions are welcome.
11. At time of production, all attempts were made for accuracy.
12. We cannot be held liable for adverse experiences beyond our control.

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    Owner, Designer, Photographer

    SUBJECT-OBJECT is a design lab with many origins. It is West Coast raised, East Coast trained, and world-wide experienced. It works somewhere between art and design but isn't precious about it. This is its first retail presence. Thanks to everyone!

Production partners

  • Offset printers in

    San Jose, CA

    Our printers are as local as possible, both for quality control and good neighbor economics. We also look at whether they provide ecologically sensitive options, or if they try to contribute to the local community, while also offering affordability.

  • Babylon Burning, Inc.

    San Francisco, CA

    Venerable silkscreening shop based in San Francisco with ties to the local community. We believe in supporting local, independent businesses whenever possible. They in turn, support us!

  • Bag company

    Los Angeles, CA

    They make bags and other promotional products of various sizes and colours, some from organic or recycled materials. They source reasonably priced, eco-friendly options in colours I can't find otherwise.

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Last updated on Dec 12, 2017
Frequently asked questions

How often do you ship?

Once a week, unless expressly worked out with the customer regarding express shipment or urgency. Your patience is appreciated.

Custom and personalized orders

Yes. For details or information, please contact directly. However, this means a whole different means of production. Costs would be significantly higher than quoted prices for any products on Etsy. These would be considered custom projects and quoted accordingly. Cards may be customized by individualized packaging or message writing by hand if desired. Again, please contact for details or pricing.

Sizing details

Shipping packaging depends on available products on the market. The most appropriate size for shipping care and quality, as well as economics will be used as much as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for damage beyond our control. Thank you for your understanding.

Care instructions

FOR TOTE BAGS, machine washing is not first recommended. They are often made from non-pre-shrunk, mostly untreated natural materials. Please try spot cleaning or dry cleaning first. If you must wash, we recommend using cold water, gentle cycles first. Colour bleed may occur. Air dry preferably. Shrinking as a result of tumble drying would likely occur. Do not iron on artwork directly. May we recommend laying a dry towel over image area before ironing. Thank you!

Care instructions

FOR ART PRINTS, packaging is archival, not compostable. The ink used is water soluble acrylic ink. Using water to clean or "fix" the artwork is not recommended. You may trim the paper to fit framing. It is recommended that you take off the same amount from either side of the print to center the artwork in relation to the frame, unless you prefer otherwise. FOR CARDS, packaging is compostable, not archival. We try to limit the amount of non bio-degradable waste.

Wholesale availability

Almost all of the products on the Etsy site are readily available for wholesale. Currently, they are carried in about 7-10 retail outlets, depending on time of year and availability. We more than welcome the opportunity to work with interesting and fun partners who might appreciate what we put out there.

Free Local Pick-up

If you're local to the Bay Area and can make it to San Francisco, a code can be provided for free local pick-up to be arranged. Just get in touch. Thanks!