Peapods, Star Wars & Long Distance Relationship Jewelry

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Began in 2005 at the very birth of Etsy itself, Sudlow jewelry had humble beginnings as some ramblings in sterling silver. As new techniques were learned, new pieces developed. Custom work has become the basis of the shop, bringing the customer & artist together to create meaningful, timeless pieces.

I do almost everything myself- I do my own casting, sawing, soldering, powdercoating, stamping, & stone setting. I find this makes it possible to customize pieces more for the buyers.
Rachael Sudlow
owner, maker, designer, curator
Rachael Sudlow's outdoorsy, Midwestern upbringing influences her jewelry through ornate touches that parallel her love of art, whimsy & organic themes. She has a degree from the Rhode Island School of Design.
Sudlow is based out of Lawrence, KS.
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