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Sue Rock Originals is proud to be a part of the Etsy Family. We enjoy providing a wide array of interesting vintage patterns and supplies for your enjoyment.

The incredible Marlo Thomas brought 60 women together to tell their stories of reinvention and realizing your dreams, at any stage in life in her book IT AIN'T OVER.

She chose Sue Rock Originals as an inspiring It Ain't Over classic tale!
I hope that these stories and women inspire you the way they're inspiring me. The best is yet to come.

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Sue Rock Originals Everyone Domestic Violence Survivors Empowerment Program

Its an amazing four month program of textile empowerment for survivors awaiting permanent housing.

Women are trained to create items which will replace the textile items they left behind (Apparel or Home Decor). We have created a tight core wardrobe or home decor collection which can be completed by a beginner, training an individual in all the textile arts within four months. When the woman is ready to start her new life, whe has everything she needs from her own hands.

Outreach for this program includes the three major domestic violence organizations in New York and the Family Justice Center.