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I have NEVER, EVER, EVER been able to wear a headband... Did you get that? NEVER. & if i did wear them, I instantly had a headache right before they flung off. Super.

It was pretty devastating always seeing everyone run around in awesome headbands looking so put-together while I was over here fighting back the freakish frizz that the humidity always tortured me with.

Well, NO MORE. As a Mom of three little girls all 15 months apart, I rarely see a hair brush, (unless the dog is chewing on it) let alone a consistent shower schedule. I needed a way to mask this (baby wipes are miracle workers - but they can only do so much)..TMI?...

I set out to make a headband that I could wear. No slipping. No flinging. No headaches. & total frizz control. That would help me feel slightly less scary when I ventured out of the house after two hours of sleep .... in a rocking chair.

But, anyways, I am showering now much more consistently & still haven't given up these headbands.

THEY DON'T MOVE. EVER. Oh, and I don't get headaches! EVER. Get that ? A headband that stays on, no headaches and can stay on throughout the day!

I WANT YOU TO JOIN ME! Seriously, try one. Or five?! Why not!? They will seriously change your life! (profound statement, I know) ... But this is coming from the girl who has NEVER, EVER worn a headband in her life. I now wear one everyday - or at least have one near by! (if not i get shaky..then the sweat starts... then I start frizzing up... you get it)

YOU NEED THESE IN YOUR LIFE. Try one - its the best $8 you'll ever spend.


$8 to be frizz free and under control. Come on! That's a steal!