SugaredSpiceShop's Shop Announcement

Hello and welcome to the 2015 holiday season! It is my favorite time of the year because I get to put together so many gifts for all of your friends and loved ones. I have been hard at work over here in the shop and will be getting your orders together as soon as they come in. As of now there is no delay and items will ship next day. I will keep this updated and if things should change, it will be listed here. If you need help choosing or would like to put together something unique, please contact me and we can work together on the perfect set. Gift wrap is available as well. Thank you for your interest and I hope to be able to make you something great.

Welcome to my shop. I hope I can bring a bit of my kitchen into your kitchen for you to enjoy. Check back often as I will be adding many new items and recipes. I hope to make cooking, baking, and entertaining a bit less stressful in preparation and much more enjoyable for you. I hand blend and infuse all of my products using the best all natural resources available to me. More times than not I use organic items. There are never any fillers, preservatives, anti-caking agents or any other questionable things in my products. I pack my items in tins that are air tight and have solid lids as air and light are spices worst enemies. They rob flavor and freshness from the products. My products have a shelf life of one year as long as they are stored in the container that they come in at room temperature.

My passion is cooking (and my family) so you often find me in my kitchen exploring recipes and trying all kinds of new flavors. This inspired me to start this shop to share my home creations with as many people as I can. I became a stay at home mom two years ago and while that is the best and most fulfilling job I have ever held, I need an outlet to express my food creativity. I worked in the restaurant industry for the last sixteen years, holding just about every job title that falls in that category, and I missed the expression of passion for food and flavor. Before I left my post in the industry to hold my new post, my family was always part of my adventure of trying new things from the market and my never ending tweaking of recipes. Poor hubs, never saw it coming when he met me. Such a steak, potatoes, pizza night out guy. Now he's been transformed into a bit of a closet foodie;)

All of this has culminated into a growing desire to keep building on all of the flavors I have created. Everyday I try to make something new. Once I try it and tweak it for a while I introduce it to the shop. This is a bit harder in the winter as my access to fresh organic products dwindles with the lack of local farmers markets so my focus turns to rubs and spice blends for a little. I think of stews and roasts and good ol' comfort foods. But never fear... I already have started a list of ideas for the spring and summer.

Visit my website for ideas, recipes and to see what I am up to in the kitchen.

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