SunroomStudio's Shop Announcement

Many greetings and thanks for checking out my shop! The longer I weave and market my weaving, the more I realize that to purchase a fiber product, a person needs to feel-touch-smell! This is a difficult thing to do on-line! I cannot stroll through my favorite fabric shops ever without reaching out and touching!

There are a couple of things that I can suggest for you to have a successful stroll through my shop. First, know that I take very close-up photos of all of my weaving. Study them! They will give you a next-best-to-touching understanding of the fabric. Second, read the contents label, normally found in the description. That will help too. Third, you should also know that my items are sold with a happiness guarantee. If you don't like what you receive, send it back and I will do my best to accommodate your desires. Sometimes, the identical yarns may be unavailable, but, as I said, I will do my best.

Because at this time I am only doing one show a year, (until I have more weaving time), I will put all seasons of items in my shop all year. In other words, you will find light, summer weight scarves of more pastel colors side-by-side with heavier weight wools and darker colors. You will find holiday items all year! In my dreams, I will reach the time when I will only display appropriate seasonal items. Some day that time may come!

Have fun and feel free to contact me!