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Superior Agates Wire Wrapped artisan Gem stone cabochons & Jewelry

Welcome! I create One of a kind, Cabochons & Wire Wrapped stone Jewelry from Lake Superior Agates and other gem stones. All of the stones you find in my shop are unique, and cannot be reproduced. My husband and I do all of the cutting of the rough rock, shaping, and cabbing together, until we have a beautiful stone to create a piece of jewelry with. My wire wraps are designed to show off the stones, not the wire, as, in our opinion, it is the stone that makes the beauty of the piece, there for the wire is meant to be an accent to the stone, and never meant to hide it. The technique I use was created and is used, to give you a final piece of heirloom quality jewelry that you can pass down to your children and grandchildren and beyond. With normal use and wear, your stone will not loosen or fall out of the wire setting. I will not sell something I don't believe will stand the test of time, wear and use. You can feel confident in your purchases.

Each and every Lake Superior Agate is different, and each of these shown was found by me, right in my back yard during the 8 years I lived in central Minnesota. Lake Superior Agates are among the most sought after Agates with collectors, because of their age, and timeless beauty. Finding quality Lake Superior agates is not an easy task, there is a reason they are called the elusive agate!

Each piece is created in a unique wire wrapping fashion, set at an affordable price, and made with genuine, quality, one of a kind gem stones, and wrapped in Sterling silver filled, red brass (looks very much like gold), or copper wire. Making a quality piece of jewelry, at a price you can afford to pay. I use Good quality wire and supplies in my work. You will not find plated wires in my pieces. Further, due to a lot of people having skin allergies, I do not use coatings, or treatments of any kind on my wire. Some may use these products, especially on copper wire, to help it not tarnish, but I do not.There are many similarities between sterling silver, Argentium® and silver filled wire. Silver filled wire can be use just like sterling silver, and is even non-allergenic like sterling silver. If you're typically allergic to plated jewelry then silver filled wire is ideal for you. Silver filled wire is comparable to Argentium® as they have many of the same qualities.--
My items are made with durability, strength, and beauty in mind.

Enjoy my store, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Thank you

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