SuryaLeelaDesigns' Shop Announcement

Hello, Welcome and Namaste!

Surya Leela Designs are eco-friendly, spirit-friendly garments and accessories made in North Carolina, USA with love and devotion in the spirit of yoga...

In Sanskrit, Surya (soor-yuh) means Sun and Leela (lee-luh) - commonly spelled Lila - means Play.
As the sun and the playfulness of creation are essential to life, I hope my work will inspire and educate you on the path of awareness, responsibility and personal freedom.

Every item is hand-made and dyed using the finest quality organic cotton, hemp, flax, soy and silk fabrics and fiber-reactive dyes. Patches are hand-stamped with stamps made uniquely for Surya Leela Designs.

To know and live in line with one's purpose brings peace and harmony to us as individuals and the planet as a whole. With Surya Leela Designs I hope to facilitate understanding and connection while enriching the lives of others with practical, versatile and stylish apparel and accessories.

Leela is the natural state of the soul - light-hearted and carefree... let your soul shine!

Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @SuryaLeelJen. Namaste ~

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