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As a special note.....we will be with family these coming days. Therefore please know that I will not be able to ship anything that you may purchase until next Tuesday....May 26th. Blessings be with you all this Memorial Day weekend.

Welcome to my shop! Please enjoy shopping here for my unique and often one of kind handmade items in various styles, fabrics and colors to fit your everyday needs and travels. All my items are 100% Handmade by me in our home studio nestled in the foothills of the California San Gabriel Mountains.

As a child I always loved working with different textures, colors and styles of fabric. My passion for sewing began when I made special gifts for family and friends. All items have been created with a need or desire from someone dear. With their encouragement I have ventured out to share these with you.

All my items are 100% Handmade by me in our home studio nestled in the foothills. My sewing room is tucked away with a view of our Liquid Amber trees that turn brilliant colors in the fall and a climbing rose that graces our pergola.

My love for sewing started at the young age of 4. I was always fascinated with watching my grandmother sew some new creation for her loving family. I begged her to teach me and she was graciously patient enough to show me how. My first project was making a simple patchwork potholder. I then graduated to making a waist tie apron that was gathered.

My Grandmother would always have a cake or yummy bread cooking when we would arrive for a visit. She always wore a wonderful cobbler apron that would have several safety pins attached at various points and an Irish linen hanky stuffed into one of her pockets. When I would ask about the safety pins, she would grin, and say “You just never know where one will be needed”. So naturally I was always curious about her sewing projects and home making skills. I would lean forward with great expectations of another wonderful story of making a home loving and warm (I created my cobbler apron pattern from the memory of my grandmother’s beloved apron).

I am living my childhood dream of having a special room with all my favorite fabrics and the special time to be creative. I love working with the different textures, colors and designs. I look forward to the challenge of creating a special order for you.

My favorite poem is:

“Happiness is a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp,
But which, if you sit down quietly,
May alight upon you.”

- Nathaniel Hawthorne

Keepsakes are Treasures for the heart.

All of these items are ready to be shipped once ordered and the payment is received. Special orders may take 3 - 7 days to complete and then off they go to you.


You may also use the Zoom in feature on each picture you click on at the bottom Right corner to view any item up closer. If you would like additional views, please feel free to let me know and I can send additional pictures for you to see.

Please note that California Residents will be charged for the California State Tax in checkout.

Thank-you for your interest and stopping by for a visit.

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