Boho Earthy Eco-fusion Jewelry and Accessories.

SwanRiverStone is currently not selling on Etsy We’re here if you need help with an order from this shop. Have questions? Visit our Help Center.

SwanRiverStone is currently not selling on Etsy

We’re here if you need help with an order from this shop. Have questions? Visit our Help Center.

Shop policies

Last updated on January 27, 2012
Happy Holiday 2011 & Welcome to SwanRiverStone! Thank you for your order/interest.

International buyers: It has been brought to my attention alot of clients are rejecting import fees at customs to pick up their orders. US does not give us the amount of how much to pay until the order reaches your shores! Also due to a significant amount of lost, misshipped international orders last Fall and this Winter, I will NOT be shipping overseas until further notice.

Due to the high volume of bridal and custom orders I receive every year during the Sept -January months. Customer service may be delayed. This DOES NOT mean I am ignoring you!! I will do my best to contact you within 24-48hours while this transaction is still in progress.

Customer service and satisfaction are important to me. If I don't manage to contact you in a prompt manner that suits you do not hesitate to email me at swanriverstone [!at] yahoo.com anytime. IF you do not want me to contact you at your direct email and prefer to receive communications via ETSY CONVERSATION ONLY , please let me know so that I do not disturb your privacy.

I can't express enough how important it is to READ SHOP POLICIES here or any other Etsy shop that list their policy.This helps the buyer/seller relationship to go much smoother and be enjoyable to everyone. Thank you for understanding.

Accepted payment methods

Returns and exchanges
if you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, please CONTACT ME instead of leaving negative feedback. For every problem there is a solution;-)

Repairs/Exchanges: If you need a simple repair or adjustment on an order let me know. These are free of charge. I will pay shipping to return it to you after repairs are completed-which should take 2 days from receipt of package.

Once returned, if you are still unhappy with your order I will accept return of the piece in exchange for a full refund within 5 days of receiving your purchase. Item(s) must be returned in the exact condition in which you received them.

Lost:IF there is a situation where the package has not been received and cannot be found after 30 days from the date of purchase. You will receive a prompt refund.
I accept Paypal. I do not accept money orders anymoer. sorry;-(
First, If you are new to Etsy or want to pay via credit card, Etsy has provided a user reference guide link on how to purchase via PayPal on Etsy:
http://www.etsy.com/help_guide_checkout.php . Etsy does not allow me to accept credit card payments here directly.

"Other" as a method of payment is intended for: Local NYC customers who choose to pick up their order personally, or Etsy trades only.

RESERVATION OPTION: If you would like to order an item but do not have funds available I can work with you;-) Just contact me via Etsy's CONVERSATION feature for a RESERVED listing. The reservation time depends on the order and agreement made between me and the buyer.

If you are having trouble with payment, contact me via Etsy Conversations or email me. If payment is not received within 24 hours(one day) of purchase, I will contact you for further assistance, If payment is received after 48hours and no contact from the buyer I will kindly cancel the transaction- sorry;-(

**In- shop coupons are here!! **20% off select item listed ! Just put "HANDMADE ROCKS"in your notes at checkout and the discount will be applied! No waiting..no invoice! NOTE: THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO DISCOUNTED, SALE, OR CLEARANCE ITEMS, FULL PRICED ITEMS ONLY!

If you would like to use a discount card or gift certificate you received from a previous order or from a referral,please type the discount code in your "NOTES TO SELLER" section at checkout. This is the only time a REVISED INVOICE will be needed. If there is no code indicated I will assume you intend to pay the full listing price.
As a single mom of two, sole crafter and manager of SEVERAL e-commerce shops, I try to run a SUPER tight work at home schedule but I am still human. I tend to receive a high volume of orders in waves, especially for custom orders on and off Etsy ,wire wrapped and my most popular peacock feather creations.

This means most in stock orders go into the mail within 1-2days after payment clears. Custom and large orders the turnaround is usually 2-4 days depending plus shipping time.

***If you need your order by a certain date, I'm happy to help you out as long as you let me know right away
Orders are shipped Mon-Thursday. after 5pm EST. **NOTE**If you need expedited shipping or wish to use FEDEX, PRIORITY MAIL, EXPRESS SHIPPING OPTIONS you must let me know either at checkout or before making your purchase via Etsy conversation so you can receive an invoice for the shipping charge or refund for paid shipping.

***. PLEASE let me know AHEAD OF TIME if your order is for a special occasion, birthday etc and you would like this option.

Canada orders are shipped USPS First Class International Par Avon (Air Mail) and can take from 5-12 days. Please make a note of that. I will email you the tracking number given on the U.S. customs form but it will only indicate acceptance of the package from NYC. ONLY PRIVATE SHIPPING COMPANIES like FEDEX, UPS,DHL etc..offer full tracking info from departure to arrival.Again if you prefer a different method of shipment contact me!

DROP SHIPMENT:If you desire to have your package shipped to another address, it is your responsibility to let me know in your "Notes to Seller, via Notes to Merchant at Paypal or via Etsy Conversation.

Canadian customers: PLEASE make sure to print your full name and postal address. Incorrect address cause an extended delay or refusal from the post office to deliver your order. If you are concerned about the safe delivery of your order, please request to have insurance added to your order BEFORE purchase, otherwise a separate shipping invoice will be sent to you.

LOSS or DAMAGES -*see Refunds and Exchanges section.

If you place multiple orders on different dates, I have to ship them separately as will be processed in the order received. This avoids confusion for me. If you really need to have them shipped together, please let me know right away. Please keep in mind, at ensure a smooth transaction I will need to keep focus on timely production and delivery of orders and may not always have time to refund extra shipping costs.

Live in NYC? Purchased out of state but stopping into NY for a few days?? I may be able to deliver to you!email me for more information.

Packages over $50.00 in value are highly recommended to be insured upon request.
Additional policies and FAQs
PATIENCE- I am a single work at home mom a very active toddler and college bound teenager so there will be times I'll be away from the computer. Please keep this in mind when expecting a quick reply.I will get back to you ASAP.

COMMUNICATION- I am conversation, email and even telephone friendly. If you need anything, have a problem or need a reference TALK TO ME. Email me at swanriverstone [!at] yahoo.com ANYTIME if you feel leaving an Etsy Conversation is not a fast enough method to reach me.PHOTOS: I spend as much time allowed editing to capture items as accurately as possible, but colors may vary depending on your monitor settings. Also, when dealing with genuine natural materials, there is inevitably some slight variations. I try to match things as closely as possible. Please take note of measurements and descriptions or contact me with questions.

I do not sell pre-worn jewelry. any modeled photos of jewelry are the models piece purchased by them or given to them by me.

FEEDBACK & BUYER PRIVACY: Feedback is a blessing and helps to build trust with my business. Etsy understands that some buyers like to keep their purchases private so, did you know you have to OPTION to buyer feedback and STILL keep your username private?

Just go to your account tab-click privacy tab- then click the "only you" option under "who can see your purchases" That way if you DO decide to leave feedback only your comment will show but NOT your username;-) How cool is that!

**Regarding Negative Feedback** I do not mean any harm but I have no longer have patience with buyers who leave negative feedback for lack of reading my policy or simple haste due to impatience. If I am left neg feedack for these reasons I will offer the "kiss and makeup" feature provided through Etsy in which an amicable solution can be resolved between buyer and seller. If this request is not welcome or ignored, though I fully am aware I cannot tell anyone what to do as feedback is not mandatory if is something that is reminded to leave for a buyer/seller everytime on signs into their Etsy account, however I will leave mutual negative feedback if I feel I am or have been treated in an unfair or unnrealistic manner- sorry:-(

Any order over $100 dollars requires a 50% deposit. The deposit is needed to cover the initial cost of materials and time(labor)I believe I will need to properly work on each piece. In the event that a deposit is deemed necessary, please be so kind to pay 50% up front and 50% when the order is complete.

*See any jewelry previously sold you would like to reorder/custom style? -- Feel free to convo me with a request.*CLIP ON JEWELRY AVAILABLE I gladly convert pierced earrings designs to clip-on style per request, i will use PRECIOUS METAL CONVERSION only. there is too much guess work with brass and silver plate clips., send me a conversation for sterling silver or gold fill charges.

Under CSPIA laws, My jewelry is not intended for children 12 and under. If you choose to give your young child a piece from my shop, it is solely at your discretion.

Some Q& A about my feather stock:
As a eco concious seller and user of feathers I am more than happy to educate you about my feather inventory.

Which species of natural peafowl feather do you use and sell? I only use and destash one species: the Pavo-Cristatus also called the Indian Blue Peafowl. This is the type I use when I make my natural peacock feather earrings.The Palawan Peacock Pheasant of the Philippines is the most endangered of all the peafowl species I REFUSE To use those.

Where do you purchase your feathers from?
Though this species is native to India, the feathers source I purchase are breed, born & farm raised in the US. The undyed natural peacock feathers I purchase from Ranamuck.etsy.com who sells excellent certified WI farm raised peafowl feathers, I also purchase from Monroe County, New York State & California.

What are cruelty-free feathers?
A cruelty-free feather comes from a bird who is well-treated and humanely cared for. Many feathers that are sold on the market were not collected humanely, illegally smuggled,NOT naturally-shed, force bred or factory meat farm bi-products. I know for sure (the feathers I purchase)they are clean, fed natural organic meal, domestic, cage free and not over bred.

How are the feather collected?
Peafowl like all birds, molt or shed their old feathers every year and then grow new ones. Peafowl shed in the Summer post mating season. The farmer then simply collects, quarantines & sanitizes them in accordance with state & federal health codes before making them available for public sales -that's it. No harm no"fowl" is done to the bird and you receive a clean, odor and chemical free quality product. I also include or email care instruction for continued care of the feathers.

Why do you sell "man made feathers"?
Though feather molting is totally harmless some are still not convinced and I understand & respect that.

Why do you charge more for your feathers than others?
Because I stand behind the quality & karma of the product man made or natural.Contrast to commercial produced feathers, the organic, cruelty-free sources from whence they originate costs more to care for & sell to the public. I try to keep costs as low as possible w/o cutting off my own nose in the process.

Why do you have so many listings? Because I make so many feather earrings! I also sell my feather earrings off Etsy at craft and vendor events.

Here are some links to research bird laws in the US. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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