Military Grade Supplements Optimizing Human Performance

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Military Grade Supplements Optimizing Human Performance

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SWAT Fuel Store


Swat Fuel is an energy and endurance formula for weight management, appetite control, energy, stamina, fitness, training, operations or simply to stay awake.

When Dr. Dan Olesnicky developed SWAT Fuel, he had one goal in mind – meeting the exceptional physical demands of the police force, having served as S.W.A.T. team physician and police officer. After years of training fellow officers on nutrition and fitness tactics to support the superhuman endurance requirements of police, fire and rescue squads, it became clear that there was no supplement on the market powerful enough to do the job. Dr. Olesnicky was urged to create a special formula to promote optimal human endurance and energy throughout a grueling shift on the streets or on the battlefield.

“When developing SWAT Fuel, it was important to create a formula that delivers energy and focus without the jitters that most other pre-workout and weight loss supplements bring,“ Dr. Olesnicky explained. “The men and women in uniform that this product was created for have to perform under life and death circumstances that require nerves of steel.”
That’s why it came as some surprise when bikini models, moms, and office workers embraced SWAT Fuel as their own secret weapon to achieve their daily goals. Because SWAT Fuel is safe and effective for anyone who needs to maintain energy and stamina throughout the day, it’s become a mainstay for those in the know.
It became clear that the need for an easy way to fight fatigue, utilize stored fat as energy and help maintain focus for a full 8 hours or more was a mainstream necessity in modern life.

To meet that need, Dr. Olesnicky ramped up production of SWAT Fuel and expanded the line to include SWAT Fuel 9mm, SWAT Fuel 9mm + P for increased endurance, and SWAT Fuel 40 caliber to nourish the body with essential multivitamins. This complete regimen is available on SWAT Fuel’s new Shopify website, http://swatfuelstore.com. SWAT Fuel 9mm, the most popular product in the line, is sold for a very affordable price of $34.95 for 60 capsules. The thermogenic formula is the go-to pre-workout supercharger supplement for bodybuilding pros who need to power through extreme workouts and burn off excess fat stores. Thanks to Dr. Olesnicky and S.W.A.T. Fuel people from all walks of life, from teachers to construction workers, can benefit from these “Special Weapons and Tactics for the Body” once reserved for military and law enforcement professionals.

SWAT Fuel, Inc. is a nutrition company producing professional-grade supplements designed to optimize human performance. SWAT Fuel supplements were originally formulated to support endurance needs of military and law enforcement elite special operations groups. Founder and CEO of SWAT Fuel, Dr. Dan Olesnicky, is a renown international lecturer and expert on weight loss, fitness, nutrition and emergency medicine.

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Last updated on Mar 22, 2018
Frequently asked questions

Do you offer an auto-ship/subscription program?

Yes. You can easily sign up for auto-ship/subscription by going here: https://swatfuel.com/pages/autoship

I would like to cancel or modify my subscription/auto-ship program sequence, how can I do this?

Yes, you can modify or cancel sequence, replace credit card, and shipping address using our SWAT Fuel Panel here: https://swatfuel.com/account/login

Where can I find SWAT Fuel Products besides Etsy

SWAT Fuel products are sold in doctor’s offices, gyms, nutritional stores, and fine retailers worldwide. It is available online through SWATFuel.com, Amazon,and eBay.

I own a store/business. How do I become a reseller in the US?

Please fill out the online application on SWATFuel.com and we will contact you once it is processed.

What is your pricing structure for resellers?

A confidential dealer price list is available to qualified businesses.

Do you have an Affiliate Marketing program?

Yes, we do. Designed to Publishers, Fitness Trainers, Coaches, and more.. Please fill out our online application in swatfuel.com and we will contact you once it is processed.

What is your commission structure for your Affiliate programs

It ranges from 5-15% commission based from monthly sales, plus 5-15% discounts provided to your customers.

Do you offer terms or financing?

Yes, we offer both upon request. Financing is available from $500 to $500,000.

To which countries do you export?

We are currently expanding services to the Philippines, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan and Australia.