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SweetAndSudsy is currently not selling on Etsy We’re here if you need help with an order from this shop. Have questions? Visit our Help Center.

SweetAndSudsy is currently not selling on Etsy

We’re here if you need help with an order from this shop. Have questions? Visit our Help Center.

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Last updated on February 5, 2011
Thank you so much for stopping by. We offer delicious bath and body products in scrumptious scents. We custom blend most of our scents to give you something you can't find anywhere else. We use high quality oils/butters/waxes, natural soap (SLS FREE!), essential oils and phthalate free fragrances. Please feel free to convo with any questions!

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BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!!! If you don't like something, you can exchange it or return it, no problem!

I realize how hard it is to "picture" scent descriptions when shopping online, so that's why I write as much info as possible on each blend. But still, sometimes something won't float your boat. That's ok! I take pride in my formulations and am confident you will love them. But, if for some reason you don't, please convo me and we can get you something you're in love with. THAT'S how confident I am that you'll love our goodies!
Please make your payment at the time of ordering, so that I can get your order out to you as quickly as possible.
I ship USPS first class for items under 13 oz. Sometimes Priority is more cost-efficient, and I will upgrade the items accordingly. I don't upcharge the shipping, and try to get it as accurate as possible. Due to the wide range of international shipping prices, I try to estimate the cost and will refund any overages over $1. Thanks!
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Fragrances Offered by Sweet and Sudsy
Holiday 2010
WINTER/Holiday Scents:

* Fruitcake: you won't want to regift this sweet rum-soaked cake. So much more delish than the real thing!

* Snowfall: sweet creamy vanilla is kissed with cool peppermint, fresh as fallen snow. This reminds me of the loved girlscout cookies. Yum!

* Lump of Coal: Has someone been naughty this year? We won’t tell! Complex spicy anise blended with a hint of sweet vanilla. You’ll WISH this is in your stocking!

* Noel: spicy fruity yummy-ness! Smells like sweet little gumdrops.

* Spiced Wine: mulled spiced brandy...just like my favorite wine!

* Pecan Pie: toasted pecans in a sweet pie with buttery crust.

* Gingerbread Man: mouthwatering ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and sugar cookie with frosting.

* Snickerdoodle: vanilla mixed with a hint of spice to create the best tasting cookie.

* Cranberry Fig: Tart cranberries explode with rich sweet fig. Fresh and delicious!

* Ginger Orange: crisp sweet orange juice blended with dark spicy ginger creates a fresh "clean" fall scent.

* Pomegranate Blood Orange: self explanatory, yes? But oh so yum!

* Hot Apple Cider: Sweet sugar dropped into mulled apple cider creates the best fall drink EVER! (I'm currently obsessed with this scent!)

* Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake: sugary creamy cheesecake mixed with the yummy pumpkin pie spices.

* Cafe Mocha: heavenly blend of the best things on the planet- coffee and chocolate.

* Hot Chocolate: creamy vanilla mixed into bitter chocolate, topped with marshmallows.

* Crème Brule: the most decadent vanilla custard desert topped with burnt sugar. Grab a spoon!

* Santa's Cookies: a realistic blend of fresh-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip and sugar cookies. Mouth watering!

* Trim the Tree: A fun scent blend of fresh popped popcorn and cranberries, just like our garland!

* Mint Mocha: My favorite drink of the season! Cool peppermint blended into rich espresso and dark chocolate.

* Frosty: I'd imagine Frosty to smell like puffed fluffy marshmallows and a dash of sweet candy. This one doesn't melt!

* Sugar Plum Fairy: The candy forest buzzes with excitement as the fairies create this special cotton candy, sugar and spice scent.

* Almond Biscotti: Crisp tart almond scented cookie with creamy buttery undertones. Dunk this!

* NYE: Celebrate 2011 with a toast of this bubbly glass of champagne. You can practically taste the bubbles!

Year-Round Favs
* Americana: Hot baked apple pie, it doesn’t get more American than this!

* Banana Cream Pie: Buttery flakey crust filled with whipped bananas and cream, topped with sugar.

* Blackberry: Dark ripe little berry is naughty and sweet at the same time.

* Blackberry Vanilla: The tangy blackberry blends great with the sweet vanilla.

* Black Licorice: This takes you back to your childhood with the spicy anise scent of this popular candy.

* Buttercream Frosting: Rich indulgent topping that’s everyone’s favorite! Smells so realistic!

* Chai Tea: Thai spices and citrus notes blend together for a dark and unique scent.

* Champagne: Raise a glass of bubbly to this unique scent. You can smell the fizz!

* Cherry Lemonade: Sticky syrupy sweet cherries get dunked into tangy tart lemonade.

* Ch-Ch-Ch Cherry Pie: sticky sweet cherries in a flakey butter crust. Get a slick!

* Chocolate Cake Batter: so good you’ll want to lick the spoon!

* Chocoholic: The best chocolate fragrance I’ve ever smelled.
Complex blend of dark and milk chocolate with a teeny touch of burnt caramel and vanilla. You’ll LOVE it!

* Chocolate Cupcake: So delish! Totally realistic scent blows your mind. Chocolate cake topped with chocolate cream frosting. It doesn’t get any better!

* Choco-Mallow: Big fluffy marshmallows folded into chocolate.

* Chocolate Raspberry Cake: Rich chocolate with raspberry syrup drizzled on top.

* Cinn-full: Fresh baked cinnamon rolls are ooey gooey with butter and cinnamon, then drizzled with icing. Smells just like the real thing!

* Cosmo: be like the “Sex and the City” girls with the favorite drink of all single ladies. Cranberry & lime juice with a splash of vodka. Does not come with Mr. Big though.

* Creamsicle: Creamy vanilla ice cream whirled with orange sherbert.

* Crème Brule: the most decadent custard desert topped with burnt sugar.

* Decadence: Chocolate ganache drizzled over plump juicy strawberries. The ultimate treat.

* Dreamy: A complex blend of bergamot, mandarin and honey with sugar and vanilla with chocolate-y undertones. So amazing! Our version of “Angel”.

* Fluffy Cotton Candy: Realistic spun sugar treat that everyone loves! You’ll feel a kid again!

* Flower Girl: dainty powdery rosehips blend gently with jasmine for a floral girly scent.

* Fuzzy Navel: Mix peach schnapps into oj & you have one of my favorite drinks!

* Girly Girl: This is grown up cotton candy! Fruity vanilla mixed with a touch of sandalwood. This is what the color pink would smell like! Our version of “Pink Sugar”.

* Gummies: Just like your favorite gummie candy. Fluffy citrus/cherry scented yummy-ness.

* Grapefruit Tangerine: Straight forward tangy citrus in clean and light.

* Green Tea: Pour yourself a cup of this clean fresh scent that is loved by men and women.

* Juicy Mango: Straight forward sliced mango dripping with juice.

* Just Baked: Chocolate chip cookies, fresh and hot out of the over. I swear, this smells like I’ve been baking all day. YUM!

* Just Peachy: In your face sticky juicy peach, right off the tree.

* Hella Vanilla: Sweet, girly, innocent, intoxicating…just like you!

* Honey Fruit: Thick honey drizzled on grapefruit & tangerines.

* Honey Honey: Our bees have been totally confused with this sweet tantalizing nectar.

* Island Getaway: You’ll sweat your in the tropics wit this mix of mango, pineapple, papaya and pineapple. Bring your sunscreen!

* Island Flower: Intoxicating plumeria wafting in the breeze will make you swear you’re in Hawaii.

* Lemon Ice: Frozen lemonade makes the perfect hot day scent.

* Lemon Meringue Pie: Flakey buttery crust topped with fluffy tart lemon meringue and sugar. Get a slice!

* Lick the Bowl: Creamy vanilla cake batter smells so realistic you just may do what the title tells you to do!

* Oh, Honey: honey mixed with toffee and topped with toasted sugar. Our version of Lush’s “Honey I washed the kids”.

* Mango Green Tea: Hot green tea with a touch of sweetness from the mango. Clean scent!

* Mango Satsuma: Ripe mangos mashed with tangy spicy Japanese tangerines. Mmmm.

* Peaches and Cream: Fresh picked peaches smothered in vanilla cream. Grab your spoon!

* Peach Green Tea: Iced green tea with a splash of peach syrup. A new twist on an old favorite.

* Peach Melba: Baked peaches drizzled with red raspberry syrup.

* Peachy Lemonade: Dunk sliced Georgia peaches in tangy tart lemonade for a refreshing treat.

* Pink Buttercream Frosting: Thick buttery strawberry frosting makes everything better!

* Pomegranate: Tangy sharp little seeded fruit, smells just like the real thing.

* Pomegranate tangerine: A fruity blend of tart and sweet. Smells just like the real thing.

* Pop Flash: a fruit bubblegum treat that will make you feel like a kid again.

* Popped: Hot kettle corn, the mix of sweet sugar and salty butter will make you hungry. Smells so realistic!

* Puffy: Soft fluffy marshmellows, ready to explode inside your mouth.

* Neopolitan: Everybody’s favorite ice cream- chocolate, vanilla and strawberry!

* Raspberry Green Tea: Iced green tea with a splash of raspberry syrup.

* Raspberry Vanilla: Syrupy sweet and tart raspberries are blended super sweet vanilla.

* Razzy Lemonade: Dunk ripe little raspberries into tangy lemonade for this delicious scent.

* Red Red Raspberry: Raspberries ripened in the hot summer sun, right off the vine.

* Sexy Satsuma: Tangy spicy Japanese tangerines are a HOT fragrance all year round.

* Sugar & Glitter: Pink bubblegum candy makes girls squeal for this scent! Our version of Lush’s “Rockstar”.

* Summer Lovin’: BEST SELLER! A refreshing blend of mango, yuzu grapefruit, Satsuma tangerines and a teeny hint of raspberry. My personal fav!

* Strawberry: Sticky syrupy sweet scent of strawberries is very popular with our younger customers. More on the sweet side than realistic.

* Strawberry Cake Batter: pink and sweet, you’ll want to lick the spoon!

* Strawberry Lemonade: Crush sweet strawberries into a tall glass of lemonade. Drink up!

* Strawberries & Champagne: Drop a tart berry into a glass of bubbly…it smells just like that!

* Sunday Morning: End your weekend on a high note with a mimosa (champagne and orange juice). Take it easy.

* Vanilla Amber: sweet vanilla toned down by deep smokey amber. A grown up sexy vanilla.

* Yuzu Grapefruit: Tangy fruity citrus blend of white grapefruit and it’s smaller cousin, the Yuzu from Japan. Grapefruit is SOOO popular this season!