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Q: Why does a knitted blanket cost so much more than a crocheted blanket?

A: Time. It takes 4-6 weeks of work to create a hand-knitted blanket, depending on the pattern. A crocheted blanket usually takes less than 1 week.

Q: Can you make me a throw-sized blanket?

A: Of course! Contact me for more details. At this time I am only able to take orders for crocheted throws, but knitted throws are in the works.

Q: Why are your diaper covers made of wool? Why not a machine-washable yarn?

A: Wool has some amazing properties that make it ideal for cloth diapering. It is naturally antibacterial, flame resistant, and can hold many times its weight in liquid before it feels wet. If you would like a machine-washable diaper cover to be used with disposable diapers, please ask.

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