swingingretro's Shop Announcement

Feel nostalgic?

Miss the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s?

Feel like swinging up your flat, buying an original gift or jazzing-up you’re work space ? Buy authentic retro memorabilia, design, deco, gadgets, posters, toys, fashion, art, music collectibles and lots of other hidden treasures in our “Swinging Retro” shop.

-If you are into original and handmade accessories visit our other shop
Visit the wonderful blog of thelittlefox , we have been featured with our gramophone pencil sharpener!!
We are very proud to announce our little "Le car" is going to be part of an art exhibition involved in a composition made by the artist Cay Broendum.
Curious? read more here
Look at this lovely post left by Sokkgirl who bought a knitting case full of needles and wrote about it