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10% off with coupon code 'splashout' ...valid till dec 23rd. WELCOME THE THE ART AND UNIQUE ITEMS GALLERY OF SYAM MARQUEZ.
Here you will find original paintings, art card sets, and prints in all sizes, plus handmade clothing and accessories made from silk. I love variety, so please see the 'sections' list to navigate with ease.
You will find unique gifts here.

My art is my way to nurture the spiritual being inside me.... a way to relish and deepen the experience on my life path.
Let us pause together, and take a few moments to see ....
all around in the natural world
.........the mystery and beauty of our planet and
stop to contemplate the message therein.
Will it be revealed for the determined seer?

We can see the intricate nature and presision of design of all natural phenomenum that reveils vast intellegence beyond our comprehension.
Who are we within this story and what is our role?
and.... Why is it that our inner being and the external world need to work in harmony for us to taste deep satisfaction?

I found a key that opens my door to happiness. Not for me at the expense of you but a win win situation.
To unite the people of the world as a world familly
A key to respect and honor the sacred earth planet and all her inhabitants big and small.
How to paint and draw as a a Yoga practice.. (the way to connect with the divine). It is called Bhakti yoga, which is equal to happiness on the deepest level.. and we can all perform it by dovetailing our activites in service.
This is beyond all religions and unites all humanity.

Painting gives me satisfaction.
Greater satisfaction is when my work travels around the world to the lovely homes of my supporters.

One quarter of the profit goes to protecting cows.

I regularly list my new creations, so please stop by now and then .
If you add my shop to your favorites list, you will see automatically ..when I add new things.

I like making custom items so please feel free to contact me for portraits, dolls, wall hangings, etc etc etc.

All my work is created in a smoke free and spiritual environment, with love and dedication to beauty and harmony. The help from you my friends and supporters is greatly appreciated.

I will ship twice a week.
If you need expedited feel free to contact me. Printed items may take up to 2 days to post. Everything will be packaged securely for your pleasure. If you would like gift wrapping please let me know at checkout.

Affordable Original art.
When something is created by hand it carries amazing positive energy. It creates an atmosphere and carries healing energy.
If you like archival print but you would love the original painting.... then please contact me for a quote through convos. Affordable originals approx. $195. Price depends on size and how long it will take to paint.

Canvas Art Prints
Canvas prints of the original paintings available. Please convo me if your interested and I will list the item so you may purchase it.
Price varies with size.

Portraits from Photos.
Imagine your favorite photo as an original hand painted picture.
Friends will be astonished! A wonderful gift idea!!
If you would like one convo me...starting at $150
If you would like any of the custom offers please contact me via convos and we will discuss what you like and I can list it for your purchase. In the case of painting originals it may take up to one week to do the painting once payment is received depending how much other work I have.

Have a fun whimsical art shop called '" You might like to have a look!!!!.

Thank you for visiting

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