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Recycle, Upcycle, Re-use

Hi, my name is Monique. I am 37 year old girl living in a flat with my 2 adorable cats. At the moment I am working 4 days a week in a hospital.

I started experimenting with pop tabs in the beginning of 2011. The first item I made was the pop tab basket that you still see in my shop. I was totally fascinated by the material and wanted to see what other things i can make with it.

In 2012 I started doing a 365 days project. During a 365 days project you do or make something for 365 days and blog about what you have made or what you have done. My choice was easy, I chose to work with pop tabs. I worked with them every day for about half a year. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot of new techniques. I learned how to connect pop tabs with chainmaille, ribbon, crochet, wire wrapping and themselves. Some of my popular daily project are still available in my shop.

I am still experiment with pop tabs on regular basis in hope of coming with new ideas.
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Female pop tab artist. I make pop tab jewelry, accessories and houseware. 37 years old, dutch, not single, geek, alternative, creative. I adore my 2 cats :)

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