tarastephanos' Shop Announcement

This shop has an assortment of original artwork completed with artist quality materials. Each piece is original unless it is a print of an original. I will charge fair prices the customer is a top priority. I will appeal to universal human emotions and needs in my art work. I have been influenced by a variety of sources.

I have been painting for over twenty years and have a bachelor's degree in Fine Art from Framingham State College. I currently do art instruction in my local community and occassionally do shows.

Painting is a tradition in my family that has been passed down through the generations. I am directly related to Samuel F.B. Morse whom created the Morse Code, was a state's man, and also an artist. My Great Aunt was also an artist.

I grew up with the influence of Suburban, Country, and City life.

I have enjoyed camping, hiking, and varies other activites in my life which also influence me.

The everyday seems not so ordinary to me. (Having almost died from an illness as a young child I have always tried to make the best of everyday and enjoy. Life is short. )

My biggest influences have been the impressionists and Expressionists; I love seeing and feeling the subject with paint.

I am passionate about art as a medium for expressing anything and everything about life. Art can be anything you wish it to be.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.