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**Holiday Season Ordering Information/Vacation info**

Hey there! so I have gotten all inventory orders out as of 12/18/15 (5PM PST),
if I was unable to get your inventory order out I have sent you a convo.
I am heading out on Vacation with the family and will not be returning until 12/31/15.
(Vacation from 12/18/15-12/31/15)
if for any reason you need to get in touch with me, feel free to send me a single convo, and I will reply when I can. My store will remain open for your shopping convenience, but please do not expect convos replys, orders to be shipped or proofs to be sent during this time. (there is a remote possibility these things may happen, but just don't expect them to)

here is the message that was displayed on my account until 12/17/15:

Welcome to Terbear Collectibles custom stamps! The oldest and best shop of custom rubber stamps and wedding stamps on Etsy. We make any kind of stamp you can imagine! Return address stamps, logo stamps, original art stamps, business stamps, monogram stamps and the list goes on and on!

Terbear is going back to school, Monday & Tuesday are school days, so please do be patient, I will get back with you at my earliest convenience. The rest of the week are WORK days! Orders may take a little bit longer to get out while I adjust to this new schedule, so please do be patient.

Top Quality! You won't be disappointed! We use a high quality polymer that give you a detailed and super crisp impression.


Shopping for a gift but can't decide which stamp to get? shopping last minute? No worries, we are here to HELP....Get our gift certificate!:


If you are looking for a custom made rubber stamp, you have come to the right place, we make the best custom stamps on etsy! We can make you the perfect stamp, just what you are looking for, don't be afraid to ask if it can be done, pretty much if you can think it up, we can probably do it!

♥ Custom stamp turn around time is NORMALLY about 3-4 weeks from once your proof is approved, but when we are approaching our BUSY season (which is From October 31st- December 31st) our turn around time during this season can easily extend one or two more weeks, so do keep that in mind when ordering during the holidays!
If you supply your own art, there will not be a need for a proof.

♥ for custom stamp proofs, please do be patient, I will send them as soon as I possibly can! Do to the extremely high volume of custom stamps being made, this can often take awhile to get out to you. No need to send me a convo asking for it, once I have it ready from the typesetter, I will send it!

♥ once you approve your proof, don't expect to hear back from me, rest assured I received your approval. If I did not receive your approval, I would be sending you more convos till I heard back, and until you approved your proof (kinda like no news is GOOD news!)
Once you do approve your proof, I am ready to make your stamp in the very next batch!

♥ If I do not hear back from you on your proof within 4-5 days from sending your proof I will just assume it has been approved and I will make and ship your stamp. Watch your Etsy convos for your proof, I do not send proofs to your email address.

♥ If you are waiting for your custom stamp, and it hasn't been 3-4 weeks from when you approved your proof yet, please just wait instead of sending me a convo to help minimize extra work, as answering convos can sometimes be very time consuming, especially when the answer is right here! (From October thru the end of the year,this can even extend to 5-6 weeks)

♥ If you are buying your stamp as a gift or for a specific date, please keep this time frame in mind. I will do my best to get your custom stamps out as soon as I can, but if you need them for a special event, please keep the turn around time in mind.

♥ In order to get in touch with me please send a convo, e-mail is not at all reliable, and more than likely will not be received or responded to. The ONLY exception is if an image attachment is too large or not the correct format to attach in the convo. If this is the case, please send a request via etsy convo for an e-mail address to send the attachment to. You MUST also include your etsy ID name in the e-mail subject line, AND you must also send me a convo after you send the e-mail to make sure it has been received.
So, again please do not send e-mails. The best way to get in touch with me is to send me a convo, I respond to all convo questions, and I prefer to keep all etsy related issues within convos!

♥ I typically do not send out convos to indicate an inventory item has been shipped, this is just too time consuming for us, we are super busy making stamps, sending out proofs, answering convos, packaging up orders, and all the other stuff needed to be done to run a successful Etsy business. But if you want to know if your inventory order has shipped, feel free to send me a convo. If you ordered a custom stamp, be sure this is after the 3-4 weeks turn around time.

♥ due to my extremely high volume of orders each week, we typically only have one shipment day, as it takes almost the entire week to package orders, respond to convos, send out proofs for custom stamp orders and to make stamps.
We typically start shipping on Friday and it carries out through the entire weekend, although this is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. (like sick kids, or other such stuff) If you have ordered an inventory item please do keep this schedule in mind. Sometimes we even pre print up shipping labels early in the week to help speed up this process, if you received a shipping notice early in the week or notice that your item has been marked shipped earlier than the 3-4 week turn around time (since we mark these at the time the shipping label is printed), just assume that your package will still likely be shipping from Friday throughout the weekend.
During the holiday season, this can often be longer than a week for inventory items to ship, so do order your holiday stamps early!

♥ If you are an international customer, please convo me with what stamps you would like to order, and I will be happy to create a custom listing for you! Typically international shipping & handling is 18.99 for the first stamp (unless it is larger then normal) and 4.00 for each one after that. Please keep in mind that shipping & handling is not postage alone, there are many other factors involved in the amount we charge. This is our flat rate for all international shipments, anywhere outside of the USA, and is not a negotiable amount.

♥ Please make sure your shipping address on your paypal payment does match up with your shipping address on your etsy order. If it does not match up, just send me a convo or put a note in message to seller of which address to use. If the addresses do not match up & you haven't notified me, this can seriously delay your shipment, as we only ship once a week. If we try to contact you to confirm your shipping address and you do not get back with us, we will be shipping to your paypal address in the following shipment.

♥ if you are using Direct Checkout (Etsy credit card processing) your item will be shipping to the address on your Etsy receipt.

♥ Our prices are affordable, we don't overcharge for our stamps. Don't think great prices means lower quality, our stamps are TOP QUALITY...if not even better quality then the competition! Keep in mind my stamps are handmade, I can not compete with the mass market big box stores...know that you are getting a quality item at an affordable price made by hand with lots of love!

♥ We DO NOT charge you for your proof, that is included along with your stamp purchase, but only one proof per stamp, if you request an updated proof because you changed your mind about the design there will be a 10.00 fee charged, as we do have to pay our typesetter!!! This includes completely changing the design, even if you are providing the art. Proofs are usually sent within a few days or so from placing your order.
All stamps must be paid for before we can begin working on your proof.

♥ make sure the stamp you are ordering is what you want...custom stamps are non refundable. I can not stress this enough, as soon as you place your order, I begin working on your order! If you place an order and change your mind before the stamp has actually been made, a full refund can not be given. Keep in mind that we do have to pay our typesetter to work on your proof, this payment will still need to be made, even if your stamp has not been made, because she has taken the time to work on your proof. If you are providing your own art for the stamp, I take your art as soon as you send it and being working on making your die for your stamp.

♥ shipping is non refundable on any returns.

♥ Like the images in some of our stamps? pretty much any of them can become custom stamps too! Just ask!

♥ We can even make custom stamps from your own art too! Convo me for details!

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