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+++++HOLIDAY SHOPPING HOURS++++We will not be shipping anything on Wednesday the 25th through Friday the 27Th. We pray all your families have a blessed Thanksgiving. You can still purchase items that will begin to ship on Saturday the 28th. We will have coupon codes listed this week and sales so be sure to look for them.
*****CHRISTMAS hours***** We will be closed the entire week of the 21st Through the 26th and begin to ship on that Monday the 28th. Again you can still purchase items but they will not be shipped that week. From our house to yours have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

New real moss wall hangers are listed and many more to come.

SO HONORED TO REPRESENT ETSY on the 50 states of Etsy and the 2015 Blog cabin with our DIY terrarium kit featured there. Here is the link.

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We are proud to be a small family owned business so please allow 24-48 hours to process your orders once placed.
We then ship MOST live items Monday thru Wednesday and more days in the week when the temps are cooler outside. Non living items will ship all week Monday thru Friday after the 24-48 hour processing time. We ship many times items faster than that but please do allow that needed time. What this means is if you place an order for Live Moss on a Wednesday may NOT ship till Monday the next week. Contact us for orders you need right away so to be sure you get in time.

What an honor to be posted on the Market Watch Finance page of Yahoo with our Moss of the Month Club!Monthly Clubs: The Oddball Gift that Keeps Giving - Yahoo! Finance

Shipping overages will ALWAYS be refunded when items ship.

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****Please read my policies if you have shipping questions****

We grow our own moss & Lichens & have been selling plants & more for 14 years on line. I aim for 100% satisfaction and I am here long after the sale as well as before to answer your questions and needs.

Visit our other shop for more unusual rustic wooden items & more for Weddings and home decor.

Have the glass and just need a custom moss order? Just convo me and we will make what you want!

Remember closed terrariums should never be watered every week especially with lichens as this will kill them. Remove the top at least once a week or so for air circulation too if you have lichens in there. An open style vase is best for Cladonia and British Soldier can then water them a bit more every few days or place them on a layer of rock that has a bit of water on the bottom so they are not sitting directly on the water but still getting the moisture.

Many people are now selling moss and do not even know a thing about it. My moss is always pesticide free unless you request me to spray a natural pesticide on it if you are going to place on a table etc.

****What to do with my moss if I can not use right away?****

So you bought some moss and no time to use right away or have some left. I just ran a test on my moss for keeping in the refrigerator and yes even the freezer. It did just fine! After 11 days in both places I placed 5 types of my moss in there and in both places after it came out and 3 weeks later it was still alive even after watering several times. So yes you can store your moss in the refrigerator or even freeze if needed for a few weeks. Nice to know this really does work :-)

The moss is packed pretty close to each other in the bags and can stay like that for several weeks so long as it is NOT in direct sun where it will cook in the bag. It does need the light as soon as you can open it from the box shipped in so as to get greened up from lack of light.

You can also lay the moss into say a large clear glass baking dish and cover with plastic wrap. this also acts like a large temporary style terrarium house. This helps from keeping in the bags to long smashed against each other and causing possible brown spots from each other and causing soiled/dirty spots that may turn I always say either split the moss into several larger ziploc bags or try the glass dish and plastic wrap.

More Information on moss care :BUGS IN MY MOSS

NOTE: All moss is harvested the day before I ship or that same day. I do not use any type of pesticides on these. Because of this...there may be a small Arkansas Traveler or 2 when you get the package (insects,ants,gnats,worm,etc.). They are sealed in plastic bags so you should see them in the bags(ants,worms,gnats etc). If you do and you are using these in terrariums with no live animals...then you can place a cotton ball that has been soaked with bug killer into the bag to kill any insects you may have.
I like to use a natural plant Pyrethrins which is found in a fly spray by Country vet and is also used in our home and in restaurants. It can be found on line or at feed stores/co cops/vet supplys etc. even sometimes at janitor supply stores. Love it!

If this is being used in a vivarium I do not suggest this...any small bug that may be in there would probably be eaten by your critter. You can also just lay they moss outside and then inspect for any type of insect there may be.

When making terrariums with the moss or even lichens...eggs may have been laid on your moss so that these small bugs may hatch later. Again a small amount of pesticide on a cotton ball placed inside of your closed terrarium should take care of that. Keep in there for a few days to keep all hatching's killed. I have had baby grasshoppers as well born in my terrariums.

I am passing this along because this is natural...Spring also tends to have a few more like ants or baby grasshoppers hatching or even small black ants....they will not harm your moss but I just want you to be aware that I do not spray anything here. Thanks so much for your understanding here,Teresa.

I can and have sprayed the moss for those who ask. Look here to get your can of spray if needing a lot of moss sprayed for a wedding etc.

Listed here is a variety of moss plants I have for sale.

My preserved moss is just that...all preserved and will stay that way for years holding the color. This is not just a dry moss that will fade in a few is processed to hold the color form texture and beauty that you see for years. Remember though that ALL things do fade over time when left in direct sunlight or left for long exposure to outside elements like rain etc.

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Ronsrusticwoods....this is our new shop that we have set up here on Etsy. Ron's Rustic Woods...It will carry our wood line of handmade items like the clocks,frames,plant stands,candle holders and so much more.
Treasury Listings in 2011-The best is yet to come!
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