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Welcome to Terra Bryn on Etsy! Meditation beads are a tool to help you calm your over-extended, busy, modern mind - to help you focus, breathe, pray, or meditate. I've designed neutral configurations of beads in sequences you can personalize, crafted in sterling or gold for perfect articulation.

Meditation beads provide you with a kinaesthetic tool to help you consciously take time out of your hectic every-day life to find a small space of stillness and inner awareness using prayer, meditation, affirmation, breath, or simply the tactile experience of moving the beads through your fingers.

I make meditation necklaces, pendants, and bracelets allowing you to refer to them while wearing them. They are meditation beads "undercover".

Each of the gemstones has its own energetic properties and association with the various chakras of our human energy system. Each prayer string is designed to harmonize both aesthetically and energetically, so that they look and feel positive.

An interest in the mystic traditions, meditation, yoga, chakras, energy therapies; and inner work and integration, have lead me to develop and share the creation of these beautiful prayer beads.

You are welcome to contact me with any questions that you have. I also do custom work and welcome inquiries.

Peace & Joy, Catherine

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