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+++ If you like my Art , It appeals to your Heart! Thanks for stopping by! If you wish to purchase some of my Enchanted world from the inner workings of my mind, Please be kind and may I remind you that CREATION Takes TIME! If your happy to wait I will try hard not to be late and deliver your package in a reasonable time. So may I suggest that you contact me first if you need speedy shipment before you purchase at this time. I am a busy Faerie and frolicking in many many shows and I will work hard to finish your order in a reasonable time!!
+++++FLASH TESS is recording music and selling cds! The cds have artwork created by Tess and they will be signed for you! +++++ SALE $5 per yard Fabric For the month of January. Im tryinging to destash!! Make me an offer on any item, if you want something in my shop I love to haggle!!!!TESSIMAL HAS MOVED INTO AN aRT sTUDIO iNDIAN oRCHARD mILLS+++ +++++ Special Orders are Welcomed Just send me a Convo**** Need it before Christmas?? Just send me a Convo++++++++++ ITEMS MAY TAKE 2-8 WEEKS TO DELIVER AFTER PURCHASE DATE+++++++++ You may convo me if you want items shipped faster
*** Flash***The cost of international shipping has gone up and I have not adjusted all of my shipping prices for international items completely yet, so take advantage now while you can! But don't complain about my shipment and delivery times! Items take 2-6 weeks to deliver or sooner after purchase date. I have been selling on etsy since 2008 if you are patient you will get your item.
If you want to cancel your order you have only 24 hours to do so after making your purchase, no exceptions, this is my policy.These items are hard to find. But I am always happy to strike a deal! Just make me an offer on anything in the store and you can get a great bargain from me! HeHeHwehE! Got lots of great things too but want to unload so don't be shy all offers considered just convo me!!!! And Thanks for looking :)
But convo me to make an offer on any item for sale here in Tessimal Land!!!
Tessimal Has moved. Some items need to be located in 3 different storage facilities so please be patient.
Verizon has been working on our lines and we have had intermittant Internet service going on 2 weeks. If you dont get immediant responses to convos its because of Internet connection issues. Please be patient on shipping times!! Please be patient I always ship orders but it does take time. At this time I only ship on Saturdays.

! Make me an offer I can't refuse, unloading 100's of yards of fabric the more you buy the more you save.
First time buyer on Etsy? Here's an Etsy guide to making your first purchase:
DO NOT BUY FROM ME IF YOU CAN NOT WAIT FOR YOUR ITEM TO BE SHIPPED IN 2-8 weeks OR SOONER AFTER PURCHASE DATE. I will consider Expedited shipping if you convo me before you commit to buy. Thank you for your purchase at Tessimal's

I ship once a week all year because of the hurricanes, tornados, floods, general crazy weather, and of course snow storms. The weather interferes with electricity and internet access therefore, Items take 2-8 weeks to deliver after purchase

Some items are handmade and have to be completed before
packaging. All items have to be packaged and delivered
to the Post Office by Me.

I am only 1 person and while I understand that ordering
online from big companies like may have
conditioned you to expect speedy and cheap delivery that is
just not possible for my operation; I am a single mom
running a part-time business from home, dealing mostly in
one-of-a-kind and handmade items which require care in all
phases of handling.

Convos through Etsy requesting to know where something is
you just ordered a few days ago just waste my time and
frustrate me. I'm sure you have a life too and you don't
need people bugging you to please them when you are working
at your maximum capacity already to carry-out your own

If your item has not arrived to your house after 6 weeks
then convo me and I will check on its status. So if you
want your item delivered faster please do not convo me 4
days after you purchased item, asking where it is. I won't
answer such CONVOS.

If you are absolutely in dire straights to have your item
shipped overnight for a fast delivery, YOU MUST CONVO ME
OVERNIGHT $48 fee.

If you can be patient your item will be shipped within 2-6
weeks after your purchase date. Please be patient on
shipping times.

Furthermore I would like to Thank You again for your

Thank you for supporting Artists and Single Etsy Moms.
We are so grateful for your support to make it possible for
Artists to survive in these struggling economic times.

Remember, "Good Things come to those who wait."



I am slashing the prices of all of my fabrics so buy now while the sale lasts!! Convo me if you want to strike a bartering deal!! If you have Kiddles I will trade!!!!***********
**Hey Etsiers out there in Etsy Land!! We all have to be multi-taskers in this economy! In
********Since I am a multi tasker I have a full schedule and I am selling vintage, wont find elsewhere items, I am a 1 person factory that means I do all the work to get your item to you. Some items are made to order, so if you are in dire straits to get your item ASAP, you must convo me so I can ship your item faster, if you do not convo me expect your item to arrive in 2-6 weeks after purchase.Turn around time varies sometimes I have to clean up items, mend, and find appropriate boxes.I always ship off every purchase. If you are impatient DO NOT BUY FROM ME. Make sure you have the correct address listed for shipping. Please, Check before you select and buy. If you live by the motto "Good things come to those who wait!" You may benefit in finding extra freebies in your package! Thanks for looking, Thanks for your purchase!*****************************
Thanks for your order.*****************************************

Spring Cleaning time!!! Take advantage now! I am cleaning up my shop and letting go of some great items, to make room for new stock. So ask me if you want a deal on something all offers considered!!! Favorite Items you like, and check back and you never know I might randomly lower the price at anytime!
I like to make things fun for you cute kiddies out there in etsy land! WEEEEEE!!
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*** If you live locally and want to swing by and pick up your purchases convo me and I will waive your shipping charge.********

*****Tessimal is a Fun loving friendly etsy artisan and seller and loves to answer any questions and make special deals with happy customers. Convo me anytime I am always happy to help you!
If you buy something and need it ASAP, Make sure you convo me to get my attention, because I am not always at my storehouse or studio.
**Shipping times 2-6 weeks or sooner I ship 1-2 times a week only. Sometimes people get things sooner than 2 weeks. It depends on the back log of orders. It takes time to package items. Most of us sell 1-10 or more items a day and have to keep up with the orders. I always, always ship off orders just look at my feedback of happy customers. If you have any more questions I will be happy to answer any of them.
******I also collect tiny kiddle dolls!! I just can't resist those big heads on those tiny bodies!!! and will consider trading any of my items for Kiddle dolls.***
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