textured's Shop Announcement

Hello! Welcome to Textured, the sister shop to Essentials.

The focus at Textured is juxtoposition: Different materials - brass, copper, lucite, wood and plastics - are paired with classic sterling silver, goldfilled and gems.

Textured is where I get to experiment with materials that I don't get to have fun with at Essentials, and the experimentation often leads to surprising results.

That said and done, the most important thing at Textured is HAVE FUN!


* 8 June 2009: Oof! It's been a while. I've been focusing my attentions @Essentials and have been neglecting Textured. Well I'm back with a bang and a great promo: All glass tile pendants will come with a sterling silver necklace - YES! sterling silver - instead of the usual satin necklace while stocks last! I have only a few left so do hurry :)

* Take a look at Essentials for one of a kind pieces in goldfilled, sterling and gemstones: http://essentials.etsy.com

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