theFuture's Shop Announcement

update: this week (2/11 - 8/11)
I'm really sorry but I don't take any orders or requests.*****more info*****↓below↓*********

I'm sorry but I will no longer be taking any custom orders, requests and reservations in advance.
I can still reserve the items which are in my shop but not items that are not available in the shop. Sorry for the inconvenience! (>_<)

-----------------JUNE 2015-----------------------------------------------------

custom orders are closed.

-----------------MAY 2015--------------------------------------------------------
I had some enquiries about the sold items so I'm taking orders limited time, limited amount.
Some items may take longer to finish.
If you don't mind waiting and if you are still interested in orders, please send me a convo with item's URL.
I'll check to see if I can make them again.
Thank you!



Thank you! (* ^ー^ *) /

All clothes patterns are drafted by the clock is ticking...