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6 months

Hubble necklaces are coming - along with other fresh goodies!

9 months

A must-have for your next lab party - the eukaryotic cell chip and dip bowl - now in the shop!

11 months

Entomologist Catherine Scott models my Coleoptera temporary tattoo series - I think she should make them permanent!

1 year

Another invertebrate to add to my collection - the first batch of Black Widow spiders is well underway! Pleased to see my stamp worked out well :)

1 year

Some solar system pendants in progress - the magnets have been available for a while, but this is my first batch of wearable versions of this design. Bonus obfuscated cussing :)

1 year

A pair of Daphnia manga earrings in progress, and a sneak preview of some designs that will be coming to the shop soon ;)

1 year

Fresh stamp for a new spider species! This one is a black widow, whereas my existing design is a garden spider. This was a special request from a lovely lady who studies black widow mating, which turns out to be not as gory as you might think!

1 year

The birth of a new design! The first step is hand-carving a stamp from a block of wet clay. I have a lot of very small tools!