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How I Became theWRAPstar

I've always loved crafts of all kinds but jewelry making has become a real part of my life these past few years.

I first started working with wire in 2007. A friend and I used to have great fun with hardware wire from the Dollar store. I've come a long way since then though - thank goodness!

I have some pretty nasty health problems now in my old age (32!) so making jewelry has become a huge relief for me. Many days I'm stuck at home, sometimes even in bed, but my hands haven't let me down yet so I can always hold a pair of pliers.

I never planned to go far with my jewelry but I have loved building this little shop and making things that people really want to wear.

I don't have a business plan, or specific goals, or any of the things I'm supposed to have! But I am a stickler for quality and customer service. I'm pretty much obsessed with getting things just right so you're sure to love your WRAPstar jewelry!

I also make "Powdori's" for my sister's shop
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