theallnaturalface's Shop Announcement

News December 2014. Please read:)

my mother passed away suddenly a couple of weeks ago. it kind of sent my life into a tailspin...especially this time of year...and my husband lost his job the same it has been a little trying. i am so sorry for the delay in shipping any of you may have experienced :( we have added an employee to help with the volume:)



Welcome to my little paradise!


Everything is back to normal here at the shop:) Shipping is generally next day..although we get a little busy sometimes and it takes a little longer ( see below)

We have moved into our first brick and mortar location:) Yayyy! It is in Framingham MA...Stop by and say hi if you are in the area:)

There are hundreds of items listed on my website that are not available here:) Just put a .com after the business name and you are there:) I am always running a sale there as well:)

The consultant program has officially launched! Go to my new website for details...or if you would like to host a virtual party:)

Yes! I have your color! 50 shades and growing of foundation ( some arent listed yet:)! If by some miracle I don't... I'll make it!

I have 89 flavors of eyeshadow and am always adding more:)

Yes! I ship EVERYWHERE for the same low prices : ) You aren't charged more because it is an international sale...and shipping is inexpensive for everyone! I have shipped to just about everywhere:)

My mission is to provide you with the best mineral cosmetics possible. I do not use any artificial ingredients. No bismuth, no talc, no carmine, no silk powder, no d & c lake colors and no parabens!

ALL OF MY MINERAL PRODUCTS ARE VEGAN! Most brushes are synthetic and only 1 is hair...It is the $1.70 sampler kit brush.

*Orders generally ship in 5-7 business days(translation 10-14 days with weekends in there). Also...sometimes I get mobbed with orders so... it could be sooner than 5 business days and longer than 7 days to get stuff shipped out:) My goodies are worth the wait!

** If you EVER have a problem with ANYTHING...PLEASE contact me before leaving neutral or negative feedback:) I am allll about having 100% happy customers...I always make it right:)

Mineral makeup is a modern day miracle. I have never been able to wear face makeup as I have very sensitive skin. I always felt left out : ( My first experience with mineral makeup was also not so nice. The first one I tried had Bismuth in it and really irritated my began my journey into making my own. I have been making bath and body for decades and cosmetics for several years.

I have studied for years and formulated my own cosmetics. After spending a ton of cash on my little hobby : ) and having friends beg me for more...I decided to offer my wares to the public. I wanted to provide a clean product that is not available in the commercial products on the shelf. They all seem to have unnecessary evils in them: ) I strive to provide my clients with the purest ingredients. I have been making stuffies since I was 13 years old...and I am not going to tell you how old I am now:) hehe Read my profile to see what ingredients are that are put in to most mineral cosmetics. Note I do not use all the ingredients listed...the list is for reference only. I only use minerals, mica, sunscreen, and oxides. I am convo friendly and very open to answering technical questions...ask away!

Your body absorbs 65% of the chemicals you apply to it. Those chemicals go directly into your bloodstream. The average woman is exposed to over 100 chemicals before breakfast! How scary is that! The least anyone can do for themselves is to stop pouring chemicals on their face through cosmetics by switching to a clean mineral product!...whether or not it is mine ( although I hope it is! : )

I have another shop on Etsy. My well established blown glass vessel and bead site is Buy with confidence!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.