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1 day

We’re getting there!! Christmas 2017 christmas_treesantaskin-tone-2

1 week

Stella & Santa want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas christmas_tree

2 weeks

Newly listed! Hand lettering style necklaces stamped with your children’s first and middle names. Love the look of these new, exclusive to The Charmed Wife, necklaces in my shop!

3 weeks

Sale! 10% off your purchase of $35

4 weeks

Are you ready? I’m loading up on supplies! christmas_treegiftsantaskin-tone-2

1 month

My under cabinet lighting bit the dust! I had to clean my desk off for the installation of new ones. I’m determined to NOT have a messy desk this holiday season... wish me luck!

2 months

Succulents are on trend at the moment and I couldn’t pass up these adorable design stamps. Send me a convo if you have a clever succulent saying you’d like to customize a bracelet (or necklace!) with.

2 months

This sweet Nane bracelets are super light weight for a comfortable fit. Personalize with the name of a loved one, or a word of inspiration.

2 months

Pet lovers ring heart️ can also be worn as a memorial to your special fur baby.

3 months

It's official! I've been working on my Sorority line this week. I'm currently only licensed for Alpha Sigma Alpha- once I get this completely figured out (I'd so much rather be making stuff!) the listings will go live. I have 5 items approved, here's #1!

3 months

I'm already making so many ornaments! I LOVE making them, but I feel like it's happening super early this year!

4 months

Have those near and dear to your heart wrapped around your finger (literally) one name or date can be stamped on the ring. Perfect for couples or to proudly display your kids names.