thecircusmaster's Shop Announcement

Hi, welcome to La Carnivale Extraordinaire: Weird creatures from the depths of the imagination!

'La Carnivale Extrordinaire' was bourne from the imagined ravings of myself and my ginger haired son Harry.

We run La Carnivale Extraordinaire: a travelling carnival, circus and freak show, handed down through generations for over 100 years. We take our carts and carriages around the world, delighting and stunning audiences with our side shows and acts of various entertainments. Along the way, new friends join us and stay for a while and along the way, they also leave. Maybe one will find a new home with you.

See the lights, smell the grease paint - The circus is coming to town!

Thanks for visiting, please come back soon!


All items carry the following disclaimer:


Due to certain embellishments, fabrics and products used in the making of these craft items they are not suitable as toys for small children and do not fall under British CE safety regulations.