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Announcement    Welcome to the official launch of The Clean Cure Planner Shop! Drinks and cake are over there on the table - help yourself 😂


Last updated on Oct 9, 2021

Welcome to the official launch of The Clean Cure Planner Shop! Drinks and cake are over there on the table - help yourself 😂



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It all started with THIS...

How did I get here? On your computer screen? Great question...

I'm tapping my fingers on my keyboard because this is a question I don't think I have an answer to. But I'll scratch out a quick timeline and hopefully, my memory will join us somewhere along the way so here goes....

- Born in the 80s to military parents
- Moved from Kentucky to Korea to Louisiana to Texas to Georgia to Germany to Alabama, to Hawaii to Iraq to Hawaii to South Carolina. (1980s to present)
- Started a cleaning service
- Started a family
- Started feeling overwhelmed...

Hmmm...I think THIS is where the magic happened now that I think about it.

Maybe my thoughts were crazy. Maybe I had postpartum. Maybe they were legit. All I know is I was kinda unraveling. Not in a way that most would notice on the outside. This was an implosion of sorts. And the best way to describe is I just didn't feel well. I didn't feel like me.

The cloud over me was dark as night and never missed a day.

One day, I remembered that being alive is an incredible opportunity. And while all feelings are meant to be felt - even the heavy ones - we're all meant to have a rich life. The cloud over me was going to stay as long as I let it. And acknowledging that thought alone made me feel a little powerful...

This all prompted some SERIOUS inner work. And a therapist about a year into DIYing my life. And even with two deployments on my belt, this was the scariest, yet best roller coaster of a journey I could have ever been on!

Soooo it looks like *not feeling well* is how I ended up here. Yeh, that's going to be my finally answer lol.

My shop is called The Clean Cure. And it's not just about having a clean home. It's about being brave enough to say this is what I want for myself and going after it. Too many of us spend wayyyy too much time living in a way that doesn't align with our highest self. And let's face it, life is simply too short for that.

Your stuff doesn't own you. Toss it. Your family doesn't own you. Set boundaries. You can be organized. Work WITH your personality. And you can have an extraordinarily rich life. But it's up to you to walk into it.

So that's what I'm doing. Walking into my extraordinary life. And fulfilling my soul's desire by serving other's in the process. Via this store.

I listened to my intuition. And I'm hoping The Clean Cure will help you kickstart your inner guidance system so you can get where you need to be as well.

I'm so glad you're here.

The Clean Cure

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    Hey, I'm the gal behind The Clean Cure! When I'm not creating mess-eliminating magic for humans with messy homes (and lives), I'm being a cook, taxi driver and butt-wiper to humans that claim to be my family but seem more like aliens.

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