hand-cut felt & ribbon garlands & assorted decor

It all started when I was in high school...

I began my online-craft-selling-endeavors in high school with my own website, (beep boop error, website no longer exists!). I made hand-stenciled shirts and some pretty cool jewelry. Then I moved to Etsy, where my original shop was also called hilarysarobot. I saw a lot of success my first year with my original hand-cut felt garlands (it's safe to say I came up with the first felt leaf garland!). But after that first year, I decided it was time to come up with a more mature, appropriate name and to begin branding, and thus The Clever Life was born. I am mostly busy during the holidays, but I'm trying to expand with some new collections of year-round decor.

Thanks for supporting my shop and keep checking back!
Hilary A
I'm a clinical psychology Ph.D. student (concentration on Autism), trying to squeeze in some crafting time on the side!

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