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Organic Worm Castings - Wormcrafted in Colorado

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    Enrich Your Soil. Increase Your Yields.

    We strive to reclaim all the organic waste we can, utilize compostable packaging, promote organic gardening, create the best products possible and make the world just a little greener.

    Eisenia Fetida
    This lovely little worm is also affectionately known as the Redworm. Do not, however, underestimate their small size; they can eat over half their weight in waste every single day. These guys consume nearly any organic material and turn it into plant food!

    Lumbricus Rubellus
    Our workhorse employees are what most call the beloved Earthworm. They dig deep, push through the night and help create the highways for Eisenia Fetida to travel. Fresh oxygen is essential for a healthy worm farm, and these guys make it happen!

    In 2015, I purchased my first worm colony for a very small backyard garden. I'd recently read about vermicomposting and couldn't wait to see results. Little did I know, it would take nearly a year to see the benefits of the worms in my garden - granted the existing soil was pretty terrible!

    Becoming impatient over that year, I bought another worm colony. This time I farmed the worms in five-gallon buckets and harvested their castings for amending my topsoil. The resulting yield was beyond my expectations.

    As the worm colonies bred, I continued to expand my bucket farm, until there were too many castings for my, now not-so-small, backyard garden. In 2020, I designed a new production bed for the worms to thrive in and launched Colorado Worm Co.

    Those two colonies from 2015 have survived, adapted, reproduced and indulged to create the Colorado Worm Co castings we sell today.

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